Beauty Trends That Are Going To Be Mainstream In 2019

Regardless of your individual style, it’s a good idea to get ahead of certain trends before they become too popular.

Foiled Eyeshadow


Foiled looks are created by using a wet brush to apply a metallic shade of eye shadow or loose pigment powders. The results should be shiny and reminiscent of metal. There are tons of ways to incorporate foiled eye makeup into your daily style. Fans of minimalist look can use foiled eyeshadow to highlight the inner eye corner, or as a small highlight in the center of the eyelid.

Shimmer Nails


Just like foiled eyeshades, there’s no exact way to carry this trend. Choose a metallic nail colour to get the look, or you can simply opt for a glitter polish to get those shimmery chunks on your nails. You don’t have to coat your entire nail with a reflective polish. Instead, incorporate the shimmer effect by using a shiny colour to create little details and sparkling patterns.

Perfect Berry Lips


Though lip shades like berry are usually reserved for winters, there’s a good chance that darker lip will trend throughout the New Year. Whether you can’t live without matte lipstick or you’re all about gloss, there are dark berry shades in the market for everyone.

Fresh-out-of-shower Skin


Beautiful skin never goes out of style, the New Year calls for truly glowing, natural look, as if you have just returned from a hydrating facial. The look is further enhanced by slicked-back hair that brings more emphasis on moisturized complexions and balmy cheekbones.

Glitter, Gloss, Shimmer and Repeat


Glitter hasn’t let go of its grip on beauty just yet. An evolution of the trend came in the form of jewel and foil finishes, sparkling lips, crystal detailing and metallic greeny-blue cat eyes. The shimmery look was the highlight of Spring Summer Fashion Show 2019 in NY, London and Paris.

Peachy Pink Blush


Forget the deep bronze of the summer, girls – 2019 makeup trends are all about peachy taupe shades.  Not quite tan and not quite pink, warm peach is the best shade to allocate a little beauty budget on. Use it in place of a contour and apply to the hollows of the cheeks and across the temple for a flushed, youthful appearance.

Low-Key Contour


After too many all-nighters, bold contouring is finally put to bed – what a relief! The look is replaced with the barely perceptible and endlessly strategic contour in the most subtle way possible. Catch a hold of some YouTube tutorials to master the look, but hey, don’t forget to practice it in the natural light, beauties!

Waterline Eyes


Good news for women who like to keep their lines simple and their eyes defined. Dainty, precisely waterline eyes are going to be big this year, in keeping with the general mood of minimalist makeup and not-trying-too-hard, the trend allows you to contour the eyes and define their natural shape.

Big Brows and Long Lashes


Rihanna’s razor-thin brows on September 2018 Vogue cover had the beauty industry in a fix. To do or not to do became the burning question with beauty bloggers and Instagram influencers. But those of you not convinced will be pleased to hear that bold, bushy brows will still remain out in full force. Lustrous lashes, too, are still going strong and showing no sign of waning.

Clumpy Mascara


Make up enthusiasts have always made it a point to apply their mascara perfectly, but this is about to change in the next few months. The imperfectly perfect clumpy mascara look has captivated the hearts of many stylists, and models are seen sporting this look. Pair this look with a lip stain and colorful nail polish.

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