5 Beauty Trends that Will Help You Shine like a Star this New Year’s Eve


MAKEUP TRENDS: Holographic Lips


There is absolutely no better place where an average girl can rock holographic lips than a New Year’s Eve party! Holographic and glitter lips have been trending worldwide for months and you finally have the perfect place to wear them out.

Sigma holographic Lip-Switch lip-glosses are available from a ton of private vendors online. If you don’t want to spend money on this look just for a single night (though we think it’s a worthy party investment), you can always buy localized glitter gloss, or body glitter and look up one of the many tutorials on YouTube that show you how to get glitter lips. Pair with a lightly smoked out eye and you’ll definitely be centre of attention at any party!

HAIR TRENDS: Big hair!


Big hair looks amazing if done right, and you can definitely wear big hair on a night out, especially on New Year’s Eve. It doesn’t matter if you have long hair, short hair, fake hair or coloured hair. All you need is a curling iron, some hairspray and a couple of hours of your time. This is the one time of the year when you can bring out your hair extensions, hair-chalk and clip-in bangs. As long as it’s done in a tastefully and your outfit and makeup are balanced out, you can never miss with this hair trend!

NAIL TRENDS: Metallic Stiletto Nails/Holiday Nail Art


Stiletto nails are oval in shape that is straight from the bottom with a narrow top. Stiletto nails look bomb if you paint them with metallic nail colour, and New Years Eve is definitely the perfect place to give metallics a shot.

If you have shorter nails, don’t worry, metallics look even hotter on short, neat nails. If you really want to stand out, give holiday nail art a try! There are so many designs out there to choose from, if you have the time to carry it through. A nice little compromise for a busy girl can be sticking on a small star or a diamante on one nail, or using nail sand on one nail to make things a little more festive.

CLOTHING TRENDS: Metallics, Sequins and Basic Black

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Clothing trends that you should embrace this New Year include nets, sequins, lace and metallic fabric! Western wear stores are full of sequined tops and dresses that would look amazing if done right at New Years. The dream outfit would be a little black lace dress, tastefully sequined with a slight sheen, and luckily for us, some variations of this can be found at almost any store, online or at the mall. If you’re not really a dress person, a nice sequined top with skinny black trousers and heels would do just as nicely. Just remember to break up the look so it’s not too extreme or in your face.

For example, if you are wearing a sequined top, please choose simple trousers and accessories so that people don’t mistake you for the mirrored ball that drops at the count of twelve! If you have on a flashy dress, keep your accessories to a minimum and only emphasize one feature on your face with heavy makeup. Looking tasteful is the key to looking gorgeous, so check yourself in the mirror before you leave the house!

ACCESSORY TRENDS: Accentuate Your Look!


Your accessories should help enhance your look, not take away from it, or be the main focus. Before leaving for a party keep certain things in mind. Avoid taking big handbags and purses with you because they become a hassle to carry and things end up getting lost. Take a small clutch or a wrist-bag, that is big enough just to fit your ID, keys, a small tube of lipstick, your cell-phone and money (Safety first!). Make sure you are well hydrated and do eat before going out!

If you feel like you have a few physical imperfections that would make you feel insecure at a party, give yourself a critical look in the mirror and see what can be done to fix it so you go out feeling your best. Feeling flabby? Invest in Spanx. Bad acne breakout? Cover it up! You don’t need any excuse to feel bad or take away from the fact that you’re supposed to be celebrating!

Pair a flashy dress with small earrings or a choker and pair a simple dress with statement jewelry to make you stand out. Since its too hot in Karachi for boots, coat shoes look just as cute with dresses. If you live in a colder city, the length of your boots should complement the kind of outfit you have on. Knee length boots will look good only with skinny jeans or short dresses above the knee. If your dress is below the knee, choose ankle boots instead!

Lastly remember to have fun, be safe and be around people you love and are grateful for on New Years’ Eve. Happy Partying![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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