9 Bridal Salons That Give The Best Bang For Your Buck

The world runs according to the laws of chemistry; when two things go well together, they form into something truly unique. The ideal bride results from the common ground between you and the salon you choose. Here, we give you a low-down of the salons with various budgets and varying styles.

Mona J


For the woman who wants to perfect, polished and is willing to try out new things on her wedding, Mona J is the ultimate destination for you. This salon makes sure that you look how you want while keeping your natural beauty in mind. Whether you want to be made for your Valima and/or Baraat, Mona J. herself will see to it that you look great on your wedding. Services include facial, waxing, mani-pedi, hair and makeup.

Bridal/Valima only (Rs. 45000)
Bridal and Valima (Rs. 75000)
House C-37, Block 4, near Russian Embassy, Clifton, Karachi.



If you want to look your best and look like you are a successful runway model, Nadoz is the place to be. They charge separately for bridal and engagement makeups, while doing extensive treatments weeks before the wedding. They have two packages, Silver package and Golden package, where services range from mani-pedi, face bleaching to threading. They make sure that their brides look amazing on their wedding and in their photos as well.

Bridal makeup & hair for Rs. 30000 (Rs. 35000 from Nadia Baloch)
Engagement makeup & hair for Rs. 20000 (Rs.25000 from Nadia Baloch)
House C-38/1, Block 4, adjacent to Russian Consulate and Chapel Beach House Apartments, Clifton, Karachi.

Aly’ Nora by Aliya Tipu


For the bride who wants to look modern yet feminine, Allenora has their signature soft look perfected to a tee. Services like full-body waxing and mani-pedi are optional. You will, however, have to book an appointment six months before your wedding, especially if it’s around December-January.

Bridal makeup from Aliya Tipu for Rs. 45000 (Rs. 55000 with services)
Bridal makeup from stylist for Rs. 25000 (Rs.30000 with services)
D-80, E Street, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi

Rose Beauty Parlour


If you want to have that old-school glamour but don’t want to burn your pockets over expensive salons, then Rose Beauty Parlour is for you. They do provide discounts for their packages so you can still look amazing on your wedding without ever having to feel guilty. You can easily book your appointment there by at least 15 days before the wedding for consultations.

Price range: Rs.10000-Rs.16000
For services, Rs. 6000 additional.
Houses A-570 and A-573, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi

Allenora Annie’s Signature Salon


For the bride who wants perfection in the minutest of details, Allenora by Annie are masters at getting the details just right. The services and make-over would depend on the package you choose, as each package has its own artist attached to it. You can also get the CEO Annie to do your makeup as well if she is available. But she can still oversee your look and give you advice as well. That way, you know that nothing will stop you from looking great on your wedding day!

Price range: Rs. 25000, Rs. 45000 and Rs. 65000 (addition of Rs. 5000 with services)
Makeup from Annie (Book appointment 8 months prior to wedding)
House E 810/2, Mall Square, Zamzama, Commercial Street 10, Phase 5, DHA, Karachi.

Zara’s Salon


If you want to be a fabulous bride and not feel guilty about your expenses, then this is the salon for you. They insist on using high-quality products and are very accommodating for brides on a tight budget. They insist on booking in advance, though urgent booking is also an option. They provide services like waxing, mani-pedi, along with treatments prior to your wedding. Definitely a place to go to!

Starting price: Rs. 20000
Makeup from Zara Khan for Rs. 30000
Makeup from Rizwana Khan for Rs. 50000
18/C Lane 2, 1st floor, Standard Chartered Bank, Zamzama, Commercial Phase 5, Karachi.



For the bride who yearns for sculpted cheekbones, Artesia is the place known for its contouring technique. Booking has to be done in advance with a fee of Rs. 25000. Services include face polishing, mani-pedi, waxing etc. The CEO, Amber Hassan, makes sure that the brides are comfortable and have a say about their looks as well.

Bridal makeup for Rs. 45000
Bridal makeup (without services) for Rs. 20000
Plot 2-C, Lane 9, Shop no.4, Bukhari Commercial, DHA, Karachi.



This is the place for the bride who wants to look modern and timeless, yet follows the latest make-up trends. Brides have a say in how they want to look and the salon takes note of that and incorporates it for them. Services range from facials, mani-pedi and threading. Booking has to be done at least 15 days prior to the wedding.

Bridal hair and make-up: Rs. 16000 with regular artist; Rs. 28000 with Nighat Misbah
Bridal hair and make-up with services: Rs. 25000 with regular artist; Rs. 33000 with Nighat Misbah
House 3/54 Sirajudaullah Road, Block-3, Bahadurabad, Karachi.

Amina. Z

Amina. Z specializes in bridal looks that are bold yet feminine at the same time. Their main priority is skin, which they work on in advance, so any bride looks amazing from inside out. Their services include threading, waxing and full body massage among others. All bridal looks are done by the owner Amina Zaheer herself. They prefer bookings to be done by at least a month before the wedding.

Price on demand
187 Commercial Area, DD Market, Pahse IV, DHA, Lahore.

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