12 Spring Nail Ideas to Try This Season

These trends work on both long and short nails, all you’re required to come out of your familiar zone of a red or nude manicure.

Petal Nails



Shush Miranda Priestly in your heart, and believe when we say florals for spring can actually be groundbreaking when they make way to your mani. Draw tiny petals on a clear nail colour of your choice.

Bright Cuticles


The reverse minimalist approach to the French manicure is a trace of bright, right at your nail beds. It’s fun and easy and rest near your cuticles.

Duo Textures


To keep layered polish from looking muddy, play with texture: Matte in the middle, shine at the rims.

Matchy Matchy


At Kate Spade’s spring 2019 show, models had their nails painted to perfectly match the prints of their outfits. Nail enthusiasts are taking the trend to the next level by matching nails with other accessories as well.

Pop Art


While your canvas can’t be as big as Picasso, but don’t they say beauty lies in small things? Take inspiration from celebrated nail artists on Instagram, and create interpretations that are creative and artistic.

Pearly Party


If there’s one embellishment to add to your nails this year, it’s pearls. The best part? It doesn’t matter if you glue on just one or 100. Try it over your next nude manicure for an unexpected twist.

Press-on Alphabet Stickers


The statement nails are literally just press-on stickers, glossed over with clear nail polish. In other words: the possibilities and combinations are endless.

Greek Key


A graphic Greek key print on the tip of the nail is so much cooler than just opting for a traditional French manicure.

CD Nails


Nail genius, Jessica Washick used the term CD nails for the sheer and holographic look. While CDs may never come back in style but we love the idea of honouring them in a manicure.

Gradient Neutrals


Our theory, if neutrals go with everything, won’t they go with more neutrals? The trend was first spotted on the runways of Baja East, Spring Summer collection 2019. OPI has tons of options to get you started.

Super Sheer


Clear acrylic nails can look like an unfinished manicure but look great when done on a bubblegum-pink hue.

Rhinestone Outlines


Combine spring’s two biggest trends—rhinestones and cuticle art—into one crazy-cool-looking mani and create interesting patterns.

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