Do The Dark Lip

Giving immediate character to the face, dark lipstick is our favourite. Switching to darker lipcolour!  Not exactly groundbreaking? But when it is closer to black than it is to red, then you’re on to something. You don’t have to go totally goth, to get this ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ look. Cue the following spotlight stealing celebs:

1462198985-hbz-beauty-secret-gigi-hadid 1472459034_lakme-fashion-week-winter-festive-2016-finale


Complement a cranberry-stained pout with tons of black mascara for a subtle dark lip that makes a big impact. To get two looks from the same tube, apply lipstick with your ring finger for a less intense shade—the trick is to keep it from looking too perfect!


To score a wearable version of the high-impact Gigi Hadid makeup look, let hair naturally loose, keep cheeks and eyes bare and let your look revolve around a dramatic, deep berry lipstick. Keep your look simple—play up only one feature at a time.

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