Don’t let Colour Correctors Scare you anymore!

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If you’ve looked at colour correctors before and decided they’re not for you, we don’t blame you! Tubes and palettes with crazy looking colours can be a little intimidating, but don’t fret because beauty editors at SHE put together this guide to breakdown everything you need to know.

If neutral skin tone concealers aren’t getting the job done for you, chances are you need colour correctors. They cover a multitude of sins, from a late night out to pesky, unsightly blemishes, pigmentation and beyond. Finding the right corrector for you depends on colour and consistency you require. If you have an extreme case of discouloration, you’ll need a heavier product with a more intense hue. To even out mild to moderate discouloration you’ll want a sheerer formula in a softer hue. For colours you can always refer to the colour wheel or this simplified chart we’ve laid down for you. Whichever corrector you use, make sure to press in your neutral concealer over it, otherwise it might show through.


Pink Correctors


Pink correctors work exceptionally well on fair skin tones to counteract dark spots and neutralize the darkness under the eyes. Use a pink correcting primer for added radiance and luminosity.

Try Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid in PinkSephora Collection Bright Future Colour Corrector in Pinkand NYX colour correcting primer in Pink.


Peach/Orange correctors

orange-peachOrange and peach correct blue hues and are ideal for medium to dark skin tones. They correct dark under eyes and discouloration caused by sun damage. If you suffer from discouloration around the mouth and nose try neutralizing it with a peach or orange corrector depending on the severity.

Try LA Pro Conceal in Orange or Peach,
Marc Jacobs Covert Stick in Getting Warmer, Bobbi Brown Corrector and Makeup Forever Skin Equalizer Primer in Peach or Caramel.


Green Correctors


Green correctors are great at cancelling out redness. If you have issues like rosacea, active breakouts or redness around the eyes to cater, green corrector is going to be your best friend. If you have mild redness all over your face, green colour correcting primer will help you even out the complexion by reducing redness.

Try NYX Full Coverage Concealer Jar in Green,
Maybelline Cover Stick in Green and Smashbox Photo Finish Correcting Primer.


Lavender Correctors

lavenderLavender, lilac and purple correctors target the yellow tones in your skin. If you have skin that looks fatigued and dull opt for lavender corrector to cover yellow spots or a lavender correcting primer for an instantly brightened complexion.

Try Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid in Lavender,
Cover FX Colour Correcting Stick and ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer.


Yellow Correctors

yellowYellow corrects pink, purple and mild red hues. Unless you have extreme redness, use yellow over green to correct issues such as broken capillaries, bruises or mild sensitivities. You can also opt for a yellow correcting primer to even out your complexion.

Try Lancome CC Cushion Corrector in Yellow, LA Pro Conceal in Yellow and Clinique Super Primer in Yellow.


White Correctors

whitePeople with very pale skin who have trouble finding a shade to highlight with can opt for a white corrector to highlight their face. Just make sure to use a small amount or you can end up looking like a mime artist.

Try LA Pro Conceal in Highlighter,
Inglot Cream Concealer in 37 and Illamasqua Skin Base Mixer in White.


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