Easy Footcare Tips for the Brides-to-be

foot_care1. Make it a rule every time you come back from shopping, discussing your wedding arrangements with the event manager and getting your make-up done: soak your feet in water and salt. This removes any smell and dirt they have gathered and it rejuvenates the skin as well.

2. Whenever you plan about your beauty or fitness regimen prior to the wedding, consider your feet as well. Apart from looking good, your feet should have the strength and energy required to keep you from collapsing on your big day. So incorporate exercises for it as well.

3. Make it a habit of scrubbing your feet every time you bathe. Though it seems like a beauty regimen, it is not: doctors advise this method as it removes all the dead cells that have been gathered on your feet and softens the skin.

4. Before you go out shoe-shopping for your big day, consider seeing a foot specialist. Check your feet for any corns, bunions and other issues that are tricky to remove on your own. And since you will be spending majority of your time in heels, this will ensure that you won’t feel too uncomfortable in them.

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5. A month before the wedding, walk in your chosen shoes for 30 minutes two or three times a week. This will loosen up the shoe slightly so you will be able to walk and stand in them with ease. Otherwise, your feet swell if you wear them the first time on your wedding, which will be extremely uncomfortable for you. An ideal rule-of-thumb for non-heel wearers.

6. Your toenails should not be ignored either, so look after them with care. Even if you are wearing sandals, it is best to not grow them. Trim and file them regularly, particularly your big toe. This is the one thing that your guests will see when they see you walk in on your wedding.

7. The skin on your feet is thicker than your hands so your moisturizer should be thick enough to soften them. And if they are really rough, wear socks after moisturizing them before you go to bed. This keeps the feet hydrated, soft and smooth as well.


8. During one of your pedicure sessions at the parlour, do give attention to your cuticles. Don’t push them back much further than you do with your finger cuticles, otherwise chances of infection will increase.

9. If you are wearing shoe-styles that expose your heel, then make sure that no crack or rough skin is visible. There are creams available that are specifically made for this purpose. You don’t want everyone to remember you as that bride who had cracked heels on display!

10. At home, make it a rule to walk around barefoot or with slippers on. This is a great way for your feet to get energized, especially when you are done with your wedding preparations for the day, as your shoes swell your feet the longer you are in them. They should be able to breathe like your face.

11. Massage your feet daily whether you are having your pedicure done or just unwinding from the day. Your feet not only stop from aching, but it would provide more blood to your feet that will instantly bring them back to life!

12. For your feet, exercise is important. A great way to strengthen them is to walk on smooth rocks like those in your garden barefoot. And Karachiites, head to the beach and run on the sand. Your feet will gain superpowers that will keep you from holding your head high like a regal bride should!

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