Fight the Flashback & Look Flawless in Wedding Photos!

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You’re all dolled up and ready to hit the wedding. You gather your squad for the pictures and give the photographer your most flattering pose *CLICK* and you’ll have pictures that’ll last a lifetime! But over the next few days, all the pictures taken from that special night have one horrible thing in common – FLASHBACK! But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with sneaky tips and tricks to avoid the flash back and look utmost best in pictures.

1. Avoid SPF


Most of our events, thankfully, are night time so we can easily skip products that contain SPF. Moisturizers, primers and foundations with SPF give you that ghostly white cast because any product that has SPF in it, will result in flash back.

2. Make sure your foundation matches your skin’s natural undertone


If you’re someone who struggles with looking ashy in real life, the reason is that you’re not using the foundation with the right undertones, do your research and try finding foundations that match your actual undertone. If your natural undertone is yellow and the foundation that you’re using has pink undertones then you’ll definitely look ashy, not just in pictures but in real life too. Also, don’t ever forget to bring your foundation down to your neck.

 3. Use HD powders for baking



If you’re using white translucent powders for highlighting, mentally accept that they are going to leave a white cast. What you can do is opt for a no colour powder or use a yellow loose powder for baking under the eyes and to cut that contour clean!

 4. Always fill in your brows


Do you normally take pictures and find out that the end of your brow looks visibly lighter? Make sure to focus more towards the end of the brow by using a slightly heavy hand to fill it in. Once you’ve filled in your brows, don’t forget to highlight the highest point of your brows.

 5. Maintain a balance between shimmery and matte


Avoid too much sparkle; maintain a balance between matte and shimmery. If your highlighter is really shimmery, keep the blush and bronzer matte, if the blush is shimmery already, skip on the highlighter or go for a very subtle one.

 6. Always be prepared for touch ups


Be it the oils from your skin or barely there lipstick; make sure you are prepared for touch ups. Always carry blotting sheets, setting powder and a lipstick with you all the time. You don’t want to look like an oily mess, right? Make sure to blot and then set your makeup with a powder again. Also keep in mind that flash photography can wash you out, so don’t risk it with a barely there lipstick, re-apply as needed.

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