How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer in the Summer Heat

Summer is at its peak these days and it has spared no one, which means it’s going make us sweat like no other and oh, ruin our makeup too! But no worries, beauty editors at SHE have gathered their best kept tips and tricks to make your makeup last longer.

Prep your skin properly


Prepping your skin before makeup plays an important role in making your makeup last all day long. Make sure to exfoliate and cleanse your face thoroughly to get rid of any oils, dirt and residue. Replenish your skin with a moisturizer that’s suited best for your skin type and let it sink in.

Blot and Prime


After you’ve let your moisturizer sink in, take a blotting paper or a tissue and blot away the excess moisture out of your skin. This makes sure that you stay as matte as possible. Once you’re done blotting, you can now use your favorite primer all over the skin, to make your makeup last longer opt for a primer that has a slightly sticky finish since it allows the foundation to adhere better.

Pow, pow, powder away!

Once you’re done with priming your skin, take some translucent powder to mattify your t-zone, or if you have oily skin then powder down your entire face before applying foundation. Once you’ve sufficiently powdered, apply your foundation and concealer like you normally would.

Bake your concealer


To set and stop your concealer from creasing and wearing off, bake it away. Use a generous amount of translucent powder and apply it to the places you’ve applied your concealer at. Let it sit for about 5 minutes and in the mean time use your cream based products like you normally would. Brush away the translucent powder and lightly powder the rest of your face to set your foundation and cream products. Use a generous amount of a setting spray to take away any powderiness and to set the base.

Powder down all cream products


After you’ve set the base and cream products with a translucent powder, go over the cream products to set them with powder. Top your cream blush with powder blush to make the color last, top your cream contour with a powder contour to make it last, go over your cream highlighter with some powder highlight to intensify and set it, lock your gel liner and kohl with black eye shadow to make it stay put all day long. When done, use the setting spray again to lock everything between the layers.

Eyes and lips


Make sure you use a primer for your eyes as well to stop your shadows from creasing and your liner from smudging. For mascaras, opt for a waterproof formula since it’s less prone to flaking off and smudging, it can also withstand sweat which is a plus! For the lips you can use a lip primer and sealer to make your lipstick last a lot longer. You can also try lining your lips with a lip pencil to stop your lipstick from bleeding. Opt for matte liquid lipsticks or lip stains since they last all day long when compared to a traditional cream lipstick. You can also make your cream lipstick last a little longer by applying it in layers and blotting in between every layer. When you’re done blotting the last layer, seal the lipstick with some translucent powder to increase the lasting power and to keep the transferring, smudging and bleeding at bay.

Touch ups


Always carry blotting papers and a mattifying compact powder in your bag along with your other makeup essentials. Anytime you see your concealer creasing, blot and then pat in with your fingers to set the concealer again and powder it ASAP! Always make sure to blot first before applying powder to get rid of the oil build up. If you don’t have blotting papers, use a tissue to blot away excess oil and then powder your face to make it through the rest of the day.

 Keep your hands off of your face!


Resist the urge to touch your face throughout the day! The oils on your hands will transfer on to your skin, which will cause your makeup to budge. Not just that, but the germs on your hands can lead to future breakouts.

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