All Your Eid Looks Sorted

Makeup can be daunting for some and we totally get it. But it has to start somewhere right? Get started this Eid and look snatched with these makeup looks that are easy peasy and wearable. Don’t worry, we have all our girls covered – from basic to full glam!

1. Effortlessly Beautiful


Fresh skin, a soft flush of colour on the cheeks, feathery brows, paired with a soft gloss or crème finish lipstick.

To achieve this look, opt for a sheer to medium coverage satin finish foundation and conceal any blemishes and dark circles with a concealer and the face lightly. Use a liquid highlighter to add to the radiance factor and keep it soft when it comes to contouring. Keep the brows looking natural and feathery. For the eyes, sweep a champagne colour all over the lid and add individual lashes to enhance the look and tightline the upper lash line with a dark brown eye liner to give an illusion of wearing a very subtle liner while making the lashes look fuller. Use a sheer blush on the cheeks and a lip stain or a gloss to finish the look.


2. Go Peachy


This look is for the girl who loves the cult favourite winged liner paired with lashes and a nude lip! There’s a reason why it’s the cult favourite. This year, try the look with a peach eye look and you’ll be surprised at the result.

Opt for matte skin and highlight the high points of your face with a highlighter. Let the brows be feathery and full. Make sure to contour the cheeks and the jawline and bronze the forehead and outer perimeters of the face. Peach eye looks are all the rage this year – incorporate peachy tones into your eye makeup to make the browns of your eye stand out paired with a classic winged liner and nude lips! Add a pair of fluttery lashes or glitter for the extra oomph.


3. Edgy


Edgy doesn’t always mean editorial level edgy, you can still stay in your comfort zone and be edgy by trying something you’ve never tried before. We all love a girl who loves to experiment, and is not afraid of colours, be it, graphic liner, glitter liner, metallic lips or a pop of colour to take the entire look to the next level!

Go for matte skin with a little bit of bronzer and a really bling highlighter on the high points of your face. Go for fuller brows and a neutral blush.You want your eyes to be the centre of attention and the possibilities are endless, you can line your eyes with coloured eye liners, double liners, glitter liners, graphic liners etc, you can also add pops of colour to your eye shadow looks by using fun colours. For the lips, go for colours that are different from what you wear everyday.


4. Full glam


Radiant and flawless skin paired with fluttery lashes and bold lips, this look is for the girl who loves to go all out!

Opt for a fuller coverage satin finish foundation and highlight the high points of your face. Contour to chisel out your face and opt for a neutral blush. Try doing the classic black smokey eye with a twist this year, add greens, coppers, browns, blues, reds and purples to your smokey eyes to make your eye colour pop. Blue really makes the brown in your eyes pop, brown makes the green in your eyes pop and so on. Pop on a pair of full lashes or double stack them for an even more bold look and finish the look with a red or nude lip.

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