Short Hair, Don’t Care!

When it comes to hair, Pakistani women in general are bound by a silent I-wouldn’t-do-anything-drastic vow. Getting a haircut means chopping off those extra inches grown after the last haircut. We are obsessed with long hair (read: nothing like what others are not sporting already!). Our fear to take risks lends us into getting haircuts that involves little to no experimentation. Where West is all about going from cropped bob to textured lob, pixie with an edge to undercut pixie, asymmetrical cut to ombre crop, blunt fringe to short layered haircuts; mid-length hair in layers reign supreme in our part of the world.

Even our celebrities are no different when it comes to going for a complete hair makeover. It appears like chopping off your mane is a liability in Pakistan’s entertainment industry as well. While we have torchbearers like Nabila, Meesha Shafi who always lived by their own hair rules, there aren’t many who are willing to follow.

So it’s a welcome change to see some handful of our celebrities is finally taking the plunge. Scroll through the images to get your short hair inspo for 2017.

1. Armeena Khan


2. Saba Qamar

saba-qamarSource: Google Photos

3. Sadaf Kanwalsadafk-1Sadafkanwal/Instagram

4. Hadiqa Kiyani


5. Amna Baber

amna-2 Amnababer/Instagram

6. Atiqa Odho


7. Nabila


8. Meesha Shafi


9. Sunita Marshall


10. Sohai Ali Abro


11. Iqra Aziz


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