Thick Brows In a Jiffy!


We, desis, naturally have fuller and thicker brows, but if you’re someone who went a little over board with over-plucking your brows and they never really grew back; you’re going to love this trend! First it was brow carving, then came micro-blading but this summer, eye brow wigs are all the rage! The idea might seem a little intimidating at first but the results are rather convincing. It’s a blessing not only for people who have lost their hair due to alopecia or other illnesses but also for people who over-pluck their eye brows. And the best part is that these brow wigs are not just limited to women, they also make brow wigs for men!


The brow wigs come in different style and colour options to choose from, they’re totally safe to stick over your natural brow and look extremely natural. Plus they’ll save you time and the hassle of drawing on your brows every time you do your makeup. Let us know what you think about this trend.
Get your brows on fleek here.

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