10 Gorgeous Nail Inspirations from Your Favorite Celebrities

Get Rihanna Inspired Gradient Nails

Gradient nails look strikingly beautiful. Luckily this art is something that everyone can achieve at home with the right tools and products. Gradient nails look great with both one toned colors to clear contrasts. Add a bit of glitter on specific parts for that extra oomph. You can work them out to match with your outfit.

Chrome Nails a la Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid has kept style bloggers and fashion enthusiasts really busy with her high wattage chrome manicured nails at last year’s Met Gala. These nails require bit of an effort when diy at home, since you need to dry the metallic coat nail color in LED or UV light. Apply two thick coats of metallic color and let them dry completely in LED/UV light. Use a sponge tip eye shadow applicator to buff the chrome pigments onto nails until surface is reflective. Brush off any excess pigment. Seal the look with gel tip coat. You can create variations in colors, like pink on pink, blue and green, rainbow, gold etc.

Colored French in Jessie J Style

We have a lasting love affair with French manicures. And also who would not like neat French tips. Use base coat in any lightest of the lighter shade and tip nails using single or multi colored shades to suit your mood. Works well on both long and short nails.

The Ombre French Pedicure Katy Perry Way


We simply love this cute looking half ombre, half French toes with Hello Kitty nail art Katy adorned. This type of pedicure is the easiest because you don’t need a lot of precision in order to do it. A clear base coat and two different shades nail colours is all that you need. Leave the base clear or show some creativity, will look great both ways. This looks really cute on short, trimmed nails.

Dazzle in Clear Stilettos Nails Kim Kardashian Way

If you are swooning over Kim’s long nude nails, we have long list of recommendations for you. From Elegant Touch Totally Bare Stiletto Nails to Sally Hansen Sheer Ecstasy, OPI Nail Lacquer in Samoan Sand to Revlon Colour Stay Long wear Nail Enamel in Bare Bones, Essie Blushing Bride to Estée Lauder Pure Colour Polish in Nudité, China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Innocence to name just a few. All your favorite brands have something special to offer when it comes to nude nail shades. Nude nails make for an understated yet gorgeous manicure; also no one can tell if your nail polish cracks.

Khloe Kardahian’s Subtle Glitter Sandwich Gradient


Glitter sandwich manicures are for sure one of the easiest nail art looks to accomplish ever. Start painting your nails with 2 thick coats, take the Q-tip and paint some of the glitter polish onto it. Using the Q-tip, dab the glitter onto the tips of your nails.The best way to diffuse the glitter upwards is to begin dabbing the glitter on the nail tips, when most of the glitter is on the Q-tip, and then move up the nail once most of it has been deposited. Once you’re satisfied with the amount of glitter on your nails, put on one more coat of sheer polish, and you’re done. Add a final layer of sheer nail colour for a much cleaner and smoother look.

Crescent Moon Nails Kendall Jenner

Crescent moon nail trend is quite similar to the French tip, only you would be accenting the part of your nail that looks like a crescent moon (lunula). It’s not really necessary to follow the shape of your lunula, rather you would be following the shape of your cuticles. Kendall Jenner has used matte finish, these nails however look good in practically any finish be it glossy, shiny, crème, metallic, glitter, textured, neon, pearl or shimmer.

Camouflage Nail Art with Miley Cyrus


Camouflage print is a popular trend in clothing and accessories, hard to believe but this trend is catching up in manicures too. While khaki, black, brown and olive green are some of the traditional colors found in camouflage clothing, for nail art you can pick any three or four nail colors of your choice to customize your nails or to match an outfit. And here’s the best part you don’t have to be an artist to pull off this cool nail art technique. Pro tips:always use a combination of dark, medium and light shades, any color can be used as the base color. Try unique combinations for an edgy camouflage palette, you can try your hand with metallic and neon shades too.

Zendaya Coleman’s Black and White Nail Art

Black and white combination is a timeless classic that refuses to grow old or go out of fashion. We are in total love with Zendaya’s black and white nail art. You can play around with black and white nail colors to create marble look, or add a small white polka dots on clear black nail color, create some abstract or geometric patterns for artistic flair or have half and half French manicure, your nails would thank you for all the efforts put. And don’t worry about whether your nails are long enough or not, black color works very well on short nails, too.

Swoon the Jelly Manicure like Taylor Swift

Jelly manicure offers a splash of sheer colour and loads of shine like lip gloss, except that’son your nails. You can get this look quite easily at home. Get ready with base coat and apply one to two coats of a sheer, jelly polish to each nail, allow time to dry. Once ready apply a layer of glitter polish over the base colour, make sure to choose a clear base glitter. Once dry swipe an additional coat of jelly polish on top. Finish with a top coat for added shine and protection.

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