Things I Learned from my Son’s PTMS (Parent Teachers Meetings)

Going to PTMs (parent teacher meetings) is a bit exciting but equally nerve-wracking. It’s always a pleasure to be told your child is doing well, but finding out that there’s a problem is a real blow, especially if the news was unexpected. So how should you respond if the feedback is less than positive? And, how do you work on your child’s teacher’s feedback effectively? This is what I learned from my personal experience:

Chic or Chique: The real meaning behind fashion’s biggest cliché

The French have a way with qualities they cannot really describe. “Je ne sais quoi”, which literally means “I don’t know what”, a phrase established by the French for indescribable potential. And the fashion world went with it. It is chic. Chic is derived from a French term “Chique”. Chic is when something is in vogue, when something is indescribable and overwhelmingly great.

Attend a fashion show or eavesdrop at one, open a magazine or visit a website that deals with à la mode, and it is a given that you will come across this one specific term: chic. I have heard fashion editors gasping the word chic while admiring each other’s work. There is usually a reply to it, which is: chic or trés-chic (very stylish) if you are in Europe.

Now that we have understood the term, let’s move on to the next step, which involves defining various types of chic.

The New Wave of Metrosexual Men

He knows about all the latest designer trends before anybody else. His collection of hair accouterments and skincare products far outclasses yours, and his extensive leather collection would make any diva blush. If this description sounds like the guy in your life, then ladies, you’re dealing with a Metrosexual man.