11 ways to style your DUPATTA

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If you are a bride or bridesmaid or just one attending a relatives event, your traditional dupatta provides you loads of personality, thus how you dress it up is exceptionally important. These dupatta styles are sure to get you scored! Here’s the lowdown on styling the D-dupatta!

1. Half saree

half-sareePopular South Indian style known as a half saree, this Indian bridal look has the dupatta draped over your shoulder like a saree with the opposite corner tucked in to the hip. Everything is pinned and out of your way.

2. All Back

Dupatta style popular with brides has the dupatta draped over the bride’s head and then left loose at the back, like Natasha is carying here. We love how the light dupatta is not overpowering this elegant bridal ensemble.

If the dupatta is heavy, one end is usually pleated and pinned on the bride’s wrist for support and grace.

3. Timeless Drape


This bridal style is as elegant as it is timeless for a bride. The bride’s dupatta is draped over her head with one end pleated and draped over her shoulder and the other is pinned around her wrist.

4. Fatima Jinnah style

Layout 1

Dupatta style from this bridal look has the dupatta draped over the bride’s head and crossed over casually in the front. The long sleeves on the blouse add a fabulously filmi vibe to the bridal look.

5. Modern Veil

Layout 1

This is a modern take on the traditional bridal look. The lighter dupatta is draped over the head covering the bride’s face while the heavier dupatta is set back on the bride’s head and draped across the chest.

6. All over the shoulder

This bride has her dupatta draped over the head and across her shoulder. This is great if you have an elaborate dupatta this would be a great style to showcase it.

7. 2 is better than 1

Layout 1

These brides following the two dupatta trend has one classically draped across their chest with a lighter dupatta over the head.

8. Cover up


This is a great style for all you girls attending weddings this season. Your gorgeous dupatta is the highlight of this look, especially if you wear it like this with a lengha  and plain choli.

9. The long fold


This Sana Safinaz model’s extremely long dupatta is gracefully left on one shoulder and draped from the back on another. Perfect for tall brides.

10. The demure look


This look is classic and is for the demure traditional bride highlighting both the jewellery and dupatta and providing cover up. The Fahad Hussayn bridal dupatta here is first pinned on the head, pleated on one shoulder and secured on the wrist from the front and not the back.

11. Indian lengha choli


A chic way to dress up your lengha choli trend this year. Pinned and out of the way!


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