6 Trends that Can Make You a Stunning Bride!

Off shoulder cuts


Off shoulder cuts are a great way to add a little oomph to your bridal outfit, pop on some highlighter on your collar bones and shoulders to make them stand out!

Go pastel!


One of the hottest trends has been pastel colours, instead of going for dark tones, go monotonously pastel. One of the hottest colours of the season is pastel pink. Keep in mind that silver looks more flattering with pastels when choosing the detailing.



Gold or silver, jewellery can either make or break your entire look! Instead of going all monotonous, add some beads and pearls to complete your look and don’t shy away from trying unusual pieces. Chokers are a hot trend these days. Always have back up jewellery just in case something breaks or doesn’t look right. Make sure to store your jewellery carefully so that it doesn’t break and always keep extra stoppers and glue in hand.

Contrasting colours


If there’s one trend that’s never going to go away, it’s contrasting colours. When it comes to contrasting, go bold or go home. Don’t shy away from contrasting basic colours with bold colours. Navy blues, aqua blues, burgundies, reds, maroons and so many more colours to choose from.



Makeup should enhance your features, not transform you into someone else. So make sure you go for a makeup artist who knows how to make your features stand out. When deciding a makeup artist, make sure you know exactly what you want and then judge the makeup artist’s work accordingly. For example if you’re considering going for a smoky eye, choose a MUA who is great at smoky eyes. It is also very important to keep your dress in mind when thinking of the makeup look you want.



Gone are the days when all brides had a lot of back combing and wore a bun. The options to play with these days are endless! Choose a hairstyle that enhances your face shape. If you have a long face, avoid hairstyles that involve back-combing since it adds length to your face. Go for something that adds width to your face. If you have a round face, side swept styles will be your best friend. If you’re not a fan of up-dos you can always leave half of your hair down in curls or a braid. Before the big day, try experimenting with a few hairstyles and go for the one that flatters your face shape the most!

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