Broke Girl’s Guide to Shopping for Eid


When it comes to Eid or special events, our shopping lists and our eyes can sometimes be (read: always are) bigger than our wallets. And that’s exactly where SHE comes to your rescue. Today, we’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when shopping for Eid, or almost any event!

Take advantage of sales


Of course, everyone tries to get rid of their old stock before Ramazan so that they can launch their Eid collections. While there’s no harm in getting something from Eid collections you’ve got to be mentally and monetarily prepared that it’s going to be a tad bit expensive. Instead of buying all 3 outfits from Eid collections (read: expensive, expensive and expensive) try stocking up on some of the expensive but equally rad ones when they’re on sale (read: two equally rad outfits for the price of one!) Sales are also a good time to stock up on ready to wear slips, dupattas, tights and trousers that go with most of your clothes.

Another way to take advantage of sales is buying shoes and accessories. When it comes to shoes, the options are unlimited. For starters they don’t come exclusively under Eid collection banners like designer lawn and secondly, one would never really know whether you got them off of a sale. So it’s always a good way to shop for your shoes before hand while they’re on sale. Same goes in the case of perfumes, bags, jewellery and other accessories. Try shopping your favourite colours and styles; also, try sticking to neutrals because they go with almost everything.

Shop prêt instead


Imagine buying an expensive three piece and then paying almost the same amount to get it stitched and then spending the rest of your time praying and worrying that the tailor does not ruin it.
Why go through all this when you can buy something stitched instead for almost the same price and mostly even less! Even if you plan to get something stitched make sure to give it to your tailor as soon as you get it because some tailors stop taking clothes weeks before Ramazan and those who do, charge double the amount at times. So, go prêt to save time, worries and money!

 Make a list of what you actually need

Let us all agree here that we’re all Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic when it comes to shopping. Before heading out to the malls, make sure you go through things you already own to find out what you actually need. Once you’ve been through your things, try making a list of things that you actually need instead of going haywire on the things you don’t need. Come on, you already own 5 neutral eyeshadow palettes so you might as well just skip the newly released neutral eyeshadow palette. Once you’ve shopped for things that you actually need, you can then look around for not as necessary things (we don’t really recommend this if you’re planning on saving money, though.)

Try researching before you venture out shopping

5It is always a good idea to research a little before you head out. Check for sales and discounts on the cards you own no matter how small the discount is. Always remember what Benjamin Franklin said about money: “Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship”. Similarly, when shopping for makeup, try finding dupes for more expensive items and always go for dupes instead of replicas. Another advice to follow is to not buy things hastily, take your time, go through the product you’re buying and try going through reviews if you can, you don’t want to spend your money on something to find out it’s a dud.

Don’t shop ‘em all together


Instead of waiting for Eid specifically, try buying accessories, clothes, shoes over a period of time. So, instead of buying everything on the list together, buy a few things at a time without really damaging your allotted budget. If you want to buy a specific item and are getting a good deal for it then buy it right away instead of waiting and adding it to your wish list for Eid.

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