Jewellery 101: How much is too much?

divatbaki03We amended the statement that diamonds are a girl’s best friend; actually jewellery of any kind is a girl’s best friend! After all, many argue, you can never have too much of jewellery. And though we cannot differ much from this when it comes to the jewellery stacked on your dressing table; let us warn you that there is something as too much of jewellery when you are wearing it.

It Confuses the Look


Imagine wearing a very decent and sophisticated low-cut black dress. You’re completely dressed to kill, until you add up layers of a beaded necklace, the gold chain passed on to you by Grandma, and the pearl necklace your husband gifted on your last birthday. You are over doing. Anyone who looks on will only wonder what sort of a statement are you trying to make – the classy dame or the confused, overdoing babe?

It Masks the Signature Pieces

The Onigiri burger ring and other designs from Nadine Ghosn’s new Japan-themed collection.

If it’s a beautiful silver chain with a dazzling diamond pendant, it will be totally hidden if you are wearing ten other adornments with it such as dangling earrings or a big, chunky bracelet. Let that one special piece shine; keep it simple.

Sends the Wrong Message


We hate to say it, but too much jewellery makes one believe you are trying too hard for attention. You don’t want to be loaded up with various pieces like a jewellery rack at a departmental store! Do you?

Size DOES Matter

Young girl wearing gawdy hip hop jewelry

When we say too much, we don’t just mean too much in quantity. The size and design of the pieces matters too. A chunky choker, huge earrings, a prominent ring with a big, fat rock and a bracelet that covers half of your arm will look too loud and too ugly worn together. Go for simpler pieces and sizes, and when you do wear a big piece, make it the only one you wear.

Remember to also coordinate your jewellery with your outfit. If there’s a lot going on in your outfit, there shouldn’t be a lot going on with your adornments too.

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