Step up your Insta game this February!

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Who says you need to be a style blogger to get lit pictures? Here are a few ideas that’ll help you get the best pictures ever, no matter what your relationship status!

For all the single ladies

No, no, its not as bad as it sounds! Solo  pictures mean there’s so much you can do!


1Grab some helium filled balloons and pose!


2Add some flowers! Nothing screams love more than flowers, be it a bouquet or a single rose.


3When everything else fails, show off your freshly done nails!


For girls celebrating with their BFF’s

BFFs come in all shapes and sizes!


18b2a865e1c35f344a85844be4f7e386I mean pets are technically your BFFs too, no?


4Here’s what you can do with your real life human bestie!

For the girl at work

Just because you’re working (which most of us are) doesn’t mean we can’t take nice pictures.


5Organize your things, add some tea/coffee, add a hint of pink and click away!

For all the super moms!

Its not easy being a mother, which is why we’ve got your insta-back (see what we just did there?)


6Grab your little one or hey, even your older one and get creative!


For those who take their candy very seriously

baeCandy can make for great photos, so before munching on them, make sure to instgram them in style!

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