Beat The Eid Binge

Ramazan ended and you’ve already unleashed your inner beast on that Eid dinner ─ devouring that steaming orange-gold biryani, gulping down a big sip of chilled Coke, followed by the milky relish of savaiyan ─ the Eid binge can be just so difficult to resist! Here’s how you can win against this very Eid binge – or at least try!

Portion control


After 30 days of fasting, your gut function has decreased and your body has adapted to a new eating regime. It will be difficult for your body to digest large amounts of food all of a sudden. In an ideal universe you’d want to refrain from indulging in all that biryani and qorma, but let’s be real, it won’t happen.  The way to enjoy the best of both worlds will be to eat sparingly, this way you’ll get to enjoy your favourite food without going overboard.


Pick healthier alternatives


When it comes to dieting, rules can get really frustrating. You can’t eat this and you can’t eat that; you’re exhausted and everything you crave is everything you can’t eat. But that’s not the way it should be.  Why go for a sheermaal when you can opt for a naan? And why go for a naan when you can opt for a chapaati? These simple changes help you control calories without a rumbling stomach.


Balance it out


Piling up food in a plate just because it’s an occasion is no excuse to let your diet goals go for a toss. If you have dawat coming up where you’re likely to binge, focus on having a healthy breakfast and lunch ahead of it to balance it out with the dawat dinner. And remember, every unhealthy calorie counts!


Bid adieu to the table once you’re done


The whole idea and aim here is to satisfy your hunger and not to go overboard after looking at the large spread of delicacies. Remember when you are full, it’s a cue towards closure. When the tummy is no longer ready to accommodate food, it sends signals to your brain so that you no longer stuff yourself. Pay heed to what your body is trying to tell you and gently assert that you have indeed enjoyed the meal and have eaten your share of Eid delights. Once you are done, leave the table and don’t linger around.


Tackle your cravings sensibly


Who does not love having a bowl of sheerkhurma or savaiyan on Eid. It’s mandatory, isn’t it? Yes, we all crave these lovely sweets, and Eid is the only time they are made in such a large quantity with extra ghee, sugar and dry fruits. While no one wants to miss the opportunity of grabbing them, you can always minimize the consumption. Have a fruit, a few dates or figs before you go ahead with the sweet dish and the natural sugar content in the above would satisfy your sweet tooth to an extent and a few bites of your favorite dessert would be enough for you.


Do not make friends with aerated beverages, again


While it may seem a great idea to have an aerated drink with your meal on the pretext of digesting the heavy food, the reality is far from what you think. Aerated beverages are loaded with sugar and do not do any good to your body. Rather than gulping down a glass of cold-drink, have a glass of mint lemonade with honey instead of sugar.


Walk the guilt away!


Let’s face it, the guilt after you’ve devoured into your favourite food is depressing for sure. So, whenever the guilty feeling hits you, go for a walk, can’t promise that it’ll completely burn the unhealthy calories but it will make you feel better. Some calories burned are more than no calories burned at all, no?

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