Learn How to Unleash The Potential of your Brain for the 1st Time in Pakistan

We had the opportunity to interview Sania Alam, and asked her some very important questions.


We have heard a lot about your institute and the great work that it’s doing. Can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Sania Alam: Thank you so much for having me. This institute was founded by my respected teacher, Dr. Mohammad Alam. Dr. Alam has done years of extensive research into the human brain, mind and heart. And has put together a combination of powerful training programs worth millions of dollars to help students and professionals achieve accelerated learning. At IHMD, we believe that every human is a potential genius, however, when the brain is well nurtured and rightly educated, only then can the inner genius truly come into play.

I have been privileged to be part of such an esteemed organization. I am the President at this institute. I have taken trainings from many countries. I am a Licensed Instructor for Accelerated Learning from U.S.A. I am also a Senior Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping from U.K. (one of the only 4 Certified Instructors around the globe). A Licensed Instructor of Memory – Trained by 8 Times World Memory Champion, Dominic O’Brien – U.K. I am also a Licensed Instructor in Speed Reading from U.K., as well as a Think Buzan Master Licensed Instructor – U.K.

Please explain Accelerated Learning?

Sania Alam: Accelerated Learning is about learning with speed. Traditional ways of learning are not only outdated but are also not the most effective approach to learning. Accelerated Learning draws from latest researches into human brain, mind and heart to facilitate learning that has real impact. It uses techniques and tools that reflect upon the brain’s natural way of recording, retaining and recalling information.


In your point of view, what are the current issues in our education system?

Sania Alam: It is too easy to blame the education system for failure of millions of students around the world. We either blame the education system or the teachers. However, we miss the important fact that the number one teachers are the parents. Parents start educating us from the moment we are born. Learning how to read, write, speak, behave and how to use the brain. It is those ways of learning that we carry forward into our academic and professional life. Teaching is about nurturing the brain, not starving it by struggle and wrong methods of learning and teaching.

I would like to share my personal experience from childhood. Reading and writing Urdu was the toughest task for me while growing up because I simply didn’t know how to read and write Urdu. The teachers did not know how to teach. If I made a mistake in reading correctly I was beaten with a stick or slapped on the face. My parents hired tutor for us at home to teach Urdu, again that teacher wasn’t so good at teaching. And when that wasn’t enough, my mother would test me on daily what I learned at school. She would get upset at me for being an arrogant child and not taking my studies seriously. So, school was not a happy place for me and that meant education in my mind was a daunting and painful experience. No child under any circumstances should ever have to go through this.

When I was 9 years old, my family moved to the United States of America. There we met my teacher Dr. Mohammad Alam, and he taught us accelerated learning techniques. My sisters and I started homeschooling and used these techniques to study, and I was able to give around 100 exams and complete my high school education at the age of 11 in just 9 months. So, I have personally experienced bad education system vs. accelerated learning.

One of the best kept secrets of education systems is not teaching the students how to learn. The students are not taught how to retain information in their long-term memory due to which within a week of learning new information, 80% of it is lost. Which is why students end up using the rote method of learning to cram information into their brain and hope for it to eventually sync in.

The first and foremost lesson for students should be to teach them how their brain works, how their brain learns information, in other words learning how to learn. They should be shown ways in which they can access their potential.


Are these futile methods of learning affecting the professionals as well?

Sania Alam: Sadly, it is not only the students who are victims of poor learning, but working professionals as well. They suffer greatly from information overload. Because we are in the knowledge age, so these professionals have become knowledge workers, gathering and clustering knowledge and information that comes to them at rapid speed. It’s their job to be able to juggle and assimilate this load of information and produce an end result.

What these professionals, or should I say ‘Knowledge Workers’ don’t understand is that there is something far more important than managing knowledge. What is more important is to learn how to manage the ‘Manager of Knowledge’, which is the brain and mind. Again, this is where Accelerated Learning will help.

So how does your institute (IHMD) and its programs help address all of these issues?

Sania Alam: We have 7 courses through which accelerated learning is done. The courses are Memory Skills, Math-Genius, Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, Applied innovation, Memory Athlete, and Exam Success.

Through our training programs you learn how to learn. That’s the foundation of all our trainings, so that you can maximize the powers of your brain. Our trainings cover everything from learning how to memorize large volumes of information, numbers, facts, figures, to being able to read at lightning speed, to calculating numbers in the head faster than a calculator, becoming creative, innovative and much more. These training programs are used by individuals within large companies and organizations such as NASA, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Disney.

It’s all about muscle building. You exercise the body for fitness, similarly, you must exercise the brain into fitness. In other words, use it or lose it!

When are you inaugurating these programs?

Sania Alam: We have an introductory Workshop coming up on October 28th, 2018. It’s an event for over 700 people. We are launching these programs in Pakistan on that date for the first time. You can enroll for this Free-of-cost workshop by calling our office at

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