The COFW Program Boasts Curing Your Stress


There is a silent plague we all need to guard against. It is linked to serious health issues: anxiety, depression, heart problems and cancer. Something we all suffer from is stress!

World Health Organization has described stress as the ‘health epidemic of the 21st century’. 

A unique training program of Stress and Self Management for professionals, students and individuals from all walks of life is now brought to Pakistan by Consultants for Our Future World (COFW). Providing a complete solution to revamp your life and deal with everyday stressors, COFW has improved many lives for good.

To understand the programme better, we spoke to Maham Bano, Senior Consultant, COFW.


COFW started with a simple aim in mind, to educate individuals in Pakistan as well as around the globe to manage themselves and become stress free, to ultimately eliminate all stress caused illnesses and issues.

With our aim in our perspective we launched COFW in 5 countries: Pakistan, U.S.A, U.A.E, Japan and U.K.

COFW Board Members understood the gap and need in Pakistan of state-of-the-art technologies and research to deal with stress — a serious issue which otherwise is conveniently ignored.



COFW has helped hundreds of people to reclaim their lives through its Stress and Self Management System. The main focus of this training programme is to enhance the quality of your life by coaching the body and brain in essential life skills enabling you to re-script your attitude towards your life including health, happiness and success.

The interactive tools and techniques of the stress and self management system help you to live a fulfilling life by addressing all aspects including: physical health, mental health, sound relationships and financial freedom.

In few sessions, our program guides you step by step how to manage yourself, how to become stress-free, how to remain stress-free and how to reprogram your DNA to a new way of living. You can train yourself to generate positive focused feelings to cause a change in the shape of the DNA.

Negative emotions cause the two strands that cause human DNA to wind more tightly. Feelings of love and appreciation cause the DNA strands to unwind and exhibit positive changes in just 2 minutes.

Scientific research over several decades has shown that up to 90% of the visits to the doctors are stress-related if not managed proactively, chronic stress leads to diseases such as anxiety disorder, hypertension, depression, blood pressure, hormonal imbalance, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

As stress is not natural but acquired it’s manageable. Undergoing proper stress and self management training is no more a luxury but an essential necessity.


Self management training programme helps individuals to utilize their potential to the maximum and live life to the fullest; as once you manage yourself, life around you falls into place.

This training is for all individuals above eight years of age, students and professionals from all walks of life can benefit from this training. You just have to be ready to make a new beginning and embrace this life transforming journey through its stress and self management system. By stimulating brain activity and elevating mental peace, this program also help students improve their classroom learning and performance.


We are not medical practitioners; therefore, we never advise our clients to either leave or adopt any kind of medication. In fact, on the contrary, all of our technologies are based upon years of scientific researches and studies carried out by us and other institutions around the globe.

Acceptability in Pakistan that stress could possibly be the root cause of the problems It is never easy accepting that the massive amount of problems in life could be caused by something as trivial as stress. We are so accustomed to believing that something external causes all our problems, and we are too quick to blame circumstances, people, etc. for our issues.

At COFW we not only show you how stress truly is the main cause of issues and illnesses, but we also share with you the tools and technologies to become ultimtely stress-free. We promote a stress-free lifestyle to live an illness-free life.

Quick coherence technique to shift your emotional state for your well-being:      

Step 1

Focus on your heart:
Notice your heart beat for few seconds.

Step 2

Breathe from heart:
Feel that you are inhaling and exhaling from your heart. Start to breathe slowly in a pace that is inhale for five seconds and exhale for five seconds, keep breathing until your breathing becomes more smooth and balanced. Do this for a minute.

Step 3:

Feel from heart:
Bring the feeling of love inside your heart. A feeling of love that you feel for your best friend, family member or any loved one in your life. keep feeling the feeling of love in your heart while you continue to breathe from your heart.

Do this technique of Heart Coherence for 5-7 mins twice daily, and enjoy the amazing shift that it will bring in your health and in your life.

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