The Truth Behind Under Eye Dark Circles

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What appear to be dark circles are sometimes just shadows cast by puffy eyelids or hollows under your eyes that develop as a normal part of ageing. Both men and women of different age groups can have dark circles. However, there can be some other causes of it too.


Here are some of the most common causes of true under-eye circles.

  • Allergies
  • Atopic dermatitis (eczema)
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Fatigue
  • Heredity – dark under-eye circles can run in families
  • Pigmentation irregularities —these are a particular concern for people of colour, especially blacks and Asians
  • Rubbing or scratching your eyes
  • Sun exposure, which prompts your body to produce more melanin, the pigment that gives skin its colour
  • Thinning skin and loss of fat and collagen, common as you age, can make the reddish-blue blood vessels under your eyes more obvious.

When to see a doctor?

If discolouration and swelling appear under just one eye and seem to get worse over time, talk to your primary care doctor. If you want a more lasting solution than concealers and over-the-counter creams can provide, see your dermatologist for advice.

Depending on what’s causing the circles under your eyes, your doctor may recommend prescription creams or a combination of treatments to erase or reduce discolouration. Laser therapy or chemical peels can be helpful in some cases. Hollows that cause shadows can be smoothed with injectable fillers, and surgery can eliminate puffy lids.

However, dark under-eye circles usually aren’t a medical problem, and home remedies for dark circles under eyes may be all you need to help manage this condition.

Self-care: Mild to moderate dark circles often respond well to simple and inexpensive treatments, such as:

Cold: Try a cold compress, two chilled teaspoons or a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a soft cloth to temporarily reduce dilated and discoloured under-eye blood vessels.

Extra pillows: Elevate your head with two or more pillows to prevent puffiness that develops when fluid pools in your lower eyelids.

Extra sleep: Although short nights don’t usually cause under-eye circles, lack of sleep makes you paler and more hollow-eyed, so shadows and circles you already have become more obvious.

Dark circles are not a serious skin problem, but they make people look tired, exhausted, unhealthy and older. You can easily get rid of unsightly shadows under your eyes using some easy home remedies.

1. Almond Oil

Almond oil is a great natural ingredient that is very beneficial for the delicate skin around your eyes. Regular usage of almond oil will help fade your under eye circles. In addition to almond oil, you can use vitamin E oil to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.

2. Cucumber

Woman Holding Cucumber Slices over Eyes

Cucumbers have skin-lightening and mild astringent properties that help fix those raccoon eyes naturally. Plus, they have a soothing and refreshing effect.

3. Raw Potato

potato isolated on white background

There are natural bleaching agents present in potato that can help lighten dark circles and get rid of puffiness around the eyes.

4. Tea Bags


The caffeine and antioxidants present in tea can be highly beneficial for getting rid of dark circles as well as puffiness under eyes by shrinking the blood vessels and reducing fluid retention. The tannins, in particular, help decrease swelling and discolouration.

5. Rose Water

Rose water has incredible ingredient for skin care. It rejuvenates the skin and has a soothing effect on tired eyes. Due to its mild astringent properties, it also works as a good skin toner.

6. Coconut Oil


Massaging with coconut oil is another effective natural remedy to lighten dark circles. Due to its moisturizing quality, coconut oil also promotes smooth skin and prevents wrinkles and fine lines under eyes.

Additional Tips

  1. Get adequate sleep and rest.
  2. Avoid rubbing your eyes too much or too often as it causes the blood vessels to dilate, thus making the under eye circles appear darker.
  3. Remove your make-up before going to sleep or else it may irritate your eyes.
  4. Limit sun exposure.
  5. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to get rid of water retention that could be causing the problem.
  6. To avoid eye bags caused by pooling of fluids in your lower eyelids, elevate your head by adding two or more pillows under your head before going to sleep.
  7. Pay attention to your diet and eat foods rich in vitamins A, C and E.
  8. Stop smoking and restrict alcohol and caffeine consumption; smoking damages skin cells, and alcohol and caffeine contribute to dehydration which in turn weakens the delicate skin around the eyes.
  9. Never let any chemical or natural herbal product get into your eye.

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