Top 7 Health and Wellness Trends to Watch For In 2019

Here’s what we predict will be the big news of 2019.

The rise of mesonutrient


In 2018, we learned to separate our macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) from our micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Now, get ready to start obsessing over your mesonutrients, yes, you heard us right. In Greek, macro- means big, micro- means small and meso- means literally inside. So, what we want to know now is not only the nutritious foods we’re eating, but about how to get more of the active compounds inside those foods that makes them so good for us.

Moringa can be your new go-to beverage


If the smell of freshly brewed coffee means nothing to you but you can’t help craving for that energizing morning beverage to wake you up, then moringa might be just what you’ve waiting for. Native to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, the super-nutritious moringa is a plant that’s entirely edible – from the stems to the leaves to the seeds, and is packed with nutrients like vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium. Sip earthy flavour morninga tea, which contains no caffeine but known for its energizing benefits.

Munch on some seafood snacks


Seaweed chips have made their way to store shelves couple of years back. Make extra room for them as more snacks influenced by ocean is coming your way this year. Puffed snacks made from water lily seeds, plant-based tuna alternatives made with algae ingredients, crispy salmon skins, and more. The products aren’t just limited to snacks, though. You’ll also see things like kelp noodles and seaweed butter. And we say why not, one gram of seaweed has a day’s worth of iodine. Step aside Doritos, healthy snacking, here I come!

Say hello to reusable packaging


Remember when Starbucks banned plastic straws last year? Well next year, a lot of other companies are going to make transition to the strawless sipper lids. But that’s not all, Whole Foods reports that single-use packages will be replaced with multi use and compostable packaging instead. These reusable kitchen products are some of the types of products you should expect to see more readily.

Frozen treats will get even more creative


If you thought frozen treats couldn’t get any zanier, think again, because 2019 will be the year of avocado popsicles, hummus ice cream, and coconut water soft serve. You should also expect to find pints of ice cream swirled with artisanal cheese at the store.

Tahini will be the new almond butter


Tahini is condiment made from ground hulled sesame seeds that has been used for thousands of years in the Middle East and parts of the Mediterranean. It’s a major ingredient in foods like Hummus and Baba Ghanoush. Just like other nut butter, you simply have to blend sesame seeds until they turn into a paste or get it from the store. Use it in all the ways you would normally use butter. Tahini has a slightly more savory flavor that makes it great for adding to dips like hummus, but it’s also perfect in everything from smoothies to baked goods.

Haven’t tried oat milk, you will soon


Almond milk became number one choice for people looking for alt-milk substitutes. Now, there’s a new dairy alternative on people’s healthy latte order wish list: oat. Oat milk is not only delicious, but the health benefits of drinking this milk extend well beyond taste and texture. The demand for oat milk has become so massive that market leader Oatly has upped its production by 1,250 percent. Quaker, owned by PepsiCo, is also coming out with their version of oat milk soon.

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