Add Spring To Your Home In Summer!

In Karachi, we transition directly into hot summers and there is very little spring in between! Which means we don’t get to enjoy a lot of Spring, but why worry when we can have spring stay in our homes all year round with minimal effort? Gear up ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for a spring reset!

Let the spring patterns kick in!


Those cozy fabrics you’ve enjoyed all winter might feel too heavy or dark for spring. Wake up your house by covering your pillows with fabric in fun patterns. Take down heavier curtain panels and replace them with sheers or lighter fabric panels. Change up your bedding to give your room a spring refresh. See what a difference a small change in fabrics will make in your room!


Bring spring to your table!


Beautifully set the table for your next dinner party this spring by making a table runner out of flowers by arranging tons of little vases each filled with a single blossom to create a spectacular centerpiece that is easy to assemble.


Frame the flowers!


This is one of our favourite ways to mimic spring flowers in our house. Take a canvas and draw a vase on it, once its coloured in and dried down, get it framed. Now, stick a piece of thermopore sheet and stick in your artificial flowers until you’re happy with the outcome. Or you can simply frame your favourite blooms the traditional way!


From basic to extra!


I mean sure you can put a bunch of flowers in a mason jar and call it a day, but if you’re a little extra, add fairy lights in the mason jar and top them off with your favourite flowers! Place them flat on the table or let them hang for a more rustic look!


Origami your way into colour!


If you’re good at folding, trust me you’re going to love this! Find the center point on a square of paper folding it in half and press a crease at the midpoint.  Open the square, rotate 90 degrees, and repeat.  Fold each corner of the square to the center point. When you’ve got a pile of squares folded, arrange them on a piece of cardboard or a canvas and secure them in rows with double-stick tape for a more clean, futuristic master piece!


Be a rebel when it comes to frames!


Have an old painting lying around the house? Get rid of the painting but keep the frame and decorate it on the edges, you can either glue the flowers on or use a thermopore sheet underneath to stick the flowers. And voila, you have a modern day wreath ready!


Branch out!


If you’re a mom with an extra pair/s of hands running around the house, bring them on board! Have your kids collect a few branches of varying lengths and arrange them in a short vase or tie them together, add your favourite flowers to them and voila!


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