Camping Paradise – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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A pod is a unique insulated wooden hut that provides simple, comfy, spacious and secure accommodation which enables one to enjoy and appreciate the sights and sound of nature. Pods are an ideal setup for groups of friends and families out to have a vacation deep in the woods. The pods bring you into closer proximity with the chirping birds, lofty peaks, and winding streams and silence that you crave for. It boosts off all the basic amenities such as water, electricity, restrooms, kitchen and family area

A unique project has begun in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa lately, which is called Camping Paradise with a view to create awareness among the citizens in general and youth in particular, without compromising on or damaging conservation efforts and surrounding environment, about the beauty of nature, the benefits of outdoor living for a healthy life, the importance of clear, green and healthy environment and to encourage them to study the flora and fauna of our beautiful land.


The main components of this project initially are to introduce the selected valleys for eco-tourism, where the government catered for security, accommodation, common kitchen, water, toilet facilities, family area etc.  The aim is to establish tentage sites with camping pods and other basic facilities. The project will promote sustainable eco-tourism; provide opportunity to locals to earn economic benefits and to provide opportunity to local scientists and researchers to study local ecology and nature.

In the first phase the two sites where these pods are constructed at Sharan lies at an altitude of 2400 meters above the sea level is at a distance of 16km from Paras (Manshera-Kaghan Road) and is accessible only in jeeps. This place is famous for its lush green meadows and thick pine forests. The area is not on the main tourist route but is ideal for nature and adventure lovers. From here one can go on an exciting 2-3 days trekking and camping trip to the top of Musa ka Musallah (Prayer Mat of Mosses) located at a height of 4076 meters between Kaghan and Siran valley.

Image Courtesy by Pak Wheels.Com 

Sharan is brimming with thick pine forests, green meadows and sparking streams. It is a wilderness still in pristine state because very few tourists ever visit the place. The panoramic views from Sharan, of snow capped peaks all around are spectacular. Meadows of Sharan appear like a tiny flat patch, precariously balanced among the mighty peaks when viewed from Sharan. The 16km dirt road to Sharan branches off from the main Manshera-Naran highway at Paras.

To the east of Sharan lies the beautiful Maanchi meadows at 2 hour walking distance while Darshi having beautiful fountains and springs is located at a distance of 20 minute jeep drive from Sharan to the west. Monal pheasant, Koklaj pheasant, snow cock, Chakor and Dove are some of the notable wildlife here.

The second camping pod is located at Thandiyani which is situated about 32km from the city of Abbottabad and 72 km from Murree, it is a well-known hill station in the Galiyat region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Lying at an elevation of 2750 meters it’s the coolest among all the hill stations of Pakistan. The average temperature ranges from 5°C to 10°C and commands lovely view to the east beyond the Kunhar River. The snow clad ranges of Kashmir can also be seen from here.

Thandiyani literally means “very cold” and was established as a sanatorium during British Rule for the comfort of officers positioned at the Abbottabad Cantt. The beauty of the area lies in its charming landscape and magnificent weather. There are beautiful trees on the way to Thandiyani and also a few small caves which are probably home for wildlife. Local wildlife includes leopards, monkeys and the flying squirrel etc.

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