Tips On Throwing A Perfect Eid Party

Eid is right around the corner and let’s admit, it’s not always easy throwing a big bash on Eid-ul-Azha while dealing with all the qurbani meat that’s giving you jitters and an uncompromising junior who couldn’t believe what has happened to that loveable goat/cow. With so much going on, it’s difficult to relax, but remember part of making your celebrations special is by removing the obstacles that lead to stress and frustration. And don’t forget, a little planning goes a long way to save your composure on the day of the party.


Party Theme And The Guest List


Pick a theme; this will help you decide on the décor and menu. A theme can simply be colour coordination or it can be inspired by what you have in your home. If you aren’t sure, pick something in accordance with the weather. For instance blues and whites look amazing in winters, bright, crisp colours look beautiful in summers, orange, yellows and dried leaves as accessories are inspiring for autumn. Next come the invites. Sending formal and elegant e-invites can be a great idea and can be done in few minutes only, ask that tech-savvy genius at home to take charge.


Sufficient Seating Arrangement


Now that the theme is ready and you have sent the invites, think about the seating details. While you can bring all the chairs out, don’t be surprised if in the end they won’t be enough. The last thing you want is getting a panic attack when the room is crowded with guests hovering over your head. Make extra seating arrangement by adding lots of throw cushions, rugs and carpets, bean bag chairs, so people can sit on the ground as well.


Décor And Details

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Your decorations should be in-sync with your theme, try to use existing items that you have in the house. Bring out the traditional vases, picture frames, rugs and cushions. Add flowers placed in vases all around the place. You can either use fresh or the artificial ones. Pick an eye-catching flower center piece, if you are going with the floral theme. Check the local florist to see what flowers are in season and choose your tableware accordingly. Use string lights, decorative lanterns, small lamps (diyas) to give a festive look if your party is in the evening.


Not-Your-Usual Eid Menu


Aren’t most of the Eid menus predictable? Well, you can take the lead and try something new. Make it a point to think about your guest list before finalizing the menu. Your menu has to be versatile and appease all the guests, while a good balance of savoury and sweet is always a winner, do give special thought to the diet-conscious pals, holidays don’t call for ditching your good eating habits, right? Mushroom Bolognese, Vegetable Sushi Rolls can be real winners with the weight-watchers (trust me, they would be coming for the recipe), Asian Chicken Rice Bowl, Chicken Saag, Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl for the I-can-only-eat-chicken pals, Meat Loaf, Slow Cooker Stew, Cheesy Beef Ribs for those true Bakra Eid lovers. Don’t forget to have a few kid-friendly items on the menu, so you don’t hear them nagging. Don’t they say, devil is in the details?


Fancy A Drink?


Drinks are extremely important for summer parties and are good conversation starters too. Serve water, lemonade, seasonal fresh juices, lassi (mango/meethi/masala) or soft drinks when your guests arrive. Any desi party is considered incomplete without the nation’s favourite drink, yes you guessed it right, Tea! Set up a tea station with hot water, tea bags with lots of options (regular, green tea, lemongrass, ginger, honey ginger) sugar/milk to let your guests enjoy the hot sip, just the way they like!


Social Media Pizzaz


The key to your millennial guests’ hearts is through social media. So why not give them a chance to play the part when they are making social appearances (often forcibly) at the family gatherings. Snapchat stories are a great way to keep them busy recording the happenings around, for added interest they can ask a couple of questions from each guest, that can lead to interesting conversations and new friendships.


Giveaway To Reminisce The Time Well-Spent


Show gratitude to your friends by giving them a thoughtful gift as a token of appreciation when they are leaving to say goodbye. It can be anything that your guests would treasure. From beautifully wrapped chocolate, to hand crafted boxes of baklava or any other mithai (considering the festive occasion), home décor or an indoor plant.


Give Yourself Time


Last but not the least, don’t forget to get ready well ahead of time. You need to be clear about what you are going to wear, how you want your hair to be – updo or down, one statement jewellery piece or a mix, your makeup look and shoes (at least 2 options, it’s good to have a backup plan), days in advance. Make sure to wear comfortable heels as you might be on toes most of the time. Your party would be an automatic success if you are happy with what you see in the mirror.

Eid Mubarak and Happy Partying!

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