14 days of love with 14 movies that’ll warm you up



Disney tells the best love story in the first ten minutes of the movie. Then you laugh as Carl makes true to his promise to his wife. The movie will remind you that a beautiful life is the moments that might not be big and flashy, but calm and cozy. A perfect ten in our list!

How to be Single


So it’s not necessarily a how-to guide, as showing up to work three hours late would probably end up in getting you fired, but it’s a great movie to watch as you chow down on tacos or what have you with your best friends or hey, even with your significant other, nothing better than a good laugh together!

Me Before You


Based on the novel by the same name by Jojo Moyes, both of which produce copious amounts of tears, for real. I suggest watching with someone, whether it’s your best friend, your mom, a significant other, or even your pet, you’ll need the emotional support.

Pride and Prejudice


Isn’t Mr. Darcy a true gentleman? How about watching this cult favourite movie with your significant other to drop not-so-subtle hints. We love the 2005 adaptation for its earthy sensibility that still maintains the humor, wit, and tension between Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

The Vow


A happy couple? An accident? Loss of memory? Forgetting your significant other? It’s not as terrible as it sounds, okay? Watch it and we give you our word you won’t be disappointed, in fact you may even learn to value each other even more. #WIN

Train Wreck


We’ve all been a train wreck at some point in life, Amy Schumer however, possesses the power to see through all your experiences and make a film out of it! Watch it with your BFFs or your significant other to have a great time!

La La Land


I mean we couldn’t really complete the list without an A+ Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone movie, could we?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Sure, it’s a bit of an unusual choice; after all, the film centers on the idea of using technology to forget relationships and purge any memories of an ex from your brain. On the surface, it’s a quirky story about getting one’s painful memories erased, but there’s a deep iceberg of longing under the surface.

Jab we Met


This has to be our favourite in the list! When the chirpy Geet meets the depressed Aditya, they absolutely hate each other but with time and failed relationships, they end up falling in love with each other hence proving, opposites attract!

Namaste London


This is the kind of the movie you want to see if you want an equal dose of fun with romance. The movie is about a rural guy named Arjun marries the chic Jasmeet on her trip to India after being forced by her parents.



Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have been setting some major relationship goals both on and off screen. This is a story of passionate love blossoming in the midst of severe caste animosity; Ram refuses to hate Leela, a story that’ll leave you with mixed emotions! A must watch for sure!

2 States


A modern day couple caught up in cultural differences, this movie will remind you of the hassles people actually go through to get married and how they overcome it in the sweetest and most subtle way possible!

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai


You can actually call this movie the epitome of all bollywood romantic movies, with this classic playing on the screen, you can never go wrong!

Socha Na Tha


This movie is a toyal gem that narrates the story of Viren and Aditi who at first reject each other when their parents try to fix them for marriage and later fall in love with each other when their parents are opposing them to get married. A simple movie with a big impact!

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