Epic Experiences You Will Only Experience in Pakistan

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We love Pakistan for what it has made us today, and let’s be real, we owe it to the experiences that living here have molded us a certain way. Here is a list of some epic things that make Pakistan – Pakistan.

1. Your super strong immune system



You know the street food has made your immune system super strong. Nothing can win against your digestive system… at least most of the times.


2. Goth babies


Admit it that you’ve found yourself questioning the relation between babies wearing a ton of surma and it having to do with great eye sight and luscious lashes… we all started goth!


3. Recycling


No one loves recycling as much as our desi mums and grandmothers do. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve come home to find sewing supplies in butter cookies packaging or left over curry in an ice cream box, sigh!


4. PSL


Let me tell you, PSL is not just about bringing cricket home, it’s an experience! The energy, the happiness, the banter… it’s something that words can’t define.


5. Meaningful quotes


Whenever you’re on the road, we Pakistanis will make sure that you go home with a new lesson every time. From rickshaws to trucks to buses and even cars, we all have a little something to offer.


6. News Reporting


When it comes to news reporting, we have witnessed quite the gems from anday wala burger to adamant Chand Nawab wanting to capture the departing train in the background.


7. You’ve got it all in the fam


I mean being Pakistani is pretty great you know. Need a lawyer? You’ve got a cousin. Need a doctor? You’ve got a cousin. Need a dentist? You’ve got a cousin. Need an accountant? You’ve got a cousin. Need a mechanic? You’ve got a cousin. Need a builder? You’ve got a cousin. Need a rishta? You guessed it, you’ve got cousin.


8. Epic driving skills



Legend says if you’ve driven across Pakistan, you can drive almost anywhere in the world like a pro.


9. Weddings



Nowhere else will you experience the wedding festivities like Pakistan, from dance practices to dholkis and mayoun to lit mehndis to naraaz khandaan waalay. Nothing compares to the wedding experience in Pakistan.


10. Shopping




Let’s admit, we’ve all become pros at bargaining while shopping at the streets.


11. All seasons to the max



You’re lucky enough to experience all four seasons to the max in Pakistan, what more can you ask for?


12. Food


Here’s to the mouth-watering food and drinks that cannot be missed. Whether we’re talking about gol gappay, gola gandda, gannay ka rass, nihari, doodh patti, stuffed parathas, channa chaat, halwa puri, Haleem etc—you’ll miss these the most when you travel out of Pakistan. I won’t even make an effort of translating these foods and drinks into English because the local titles suit them best.


13. Broken friendships over ludo


Believe me, our very own desi monopoly a.k.a ludo has broken the truest of friendships.


14. Marketing wonders


When it comes to marketing, no one can beat us. Be it using Jensen Ackles’ photo-shopped picture for a hair transplant ad to khaani chips and whatsapp thhela… you can’t beat us!


15. Epic dramas and movies


Our dramas are at their absolute best right now and are now being aired all over the globe making the audience swoon over our actors and actresses. Same goes for our movies which are actually getting better and better with time.

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