Have You Seen Khusro Subzwari ‘New and Unseen’ work on Whirling Dervishes?

After an exciting experience of Karachi Biennale, with its myriad displays and artists gatherings, Karachi is settling down to enjoy the exhibitions going on in various parts of the city.



A new gallery that opened recently in Korangi Industrial Area, with an extensive collection of Khusro Subzwari’s paintings, plans to hold a number of events showcasing, diverse artistic articles. These will include sculpture, handicrafts and period furniture. The gallery has been chosen for its spacious dimensions where it is planned that seminars as well as fine arts programmes will take place.

The introductory programme displays the new work of Khusro Subzwari. It is work displayed for the first time and includes contemporary paintings with the media of Acrylic paint on canvas, suggesting  landscape, figurative pieces, and the moods of seascapes at different times, as well as a `whirling dervish’ on the scene.


CEO/Curator of the exhibition, Junaid Hamid introduces the work displayed: “In this exhibition Khusro will be showcasing his ‘New and Unseen Paintings.’ A collection of very unusual artworks by the artist. His current exhibition which consists of more than 65 paintings is a marked departure from his usual and known works with him now foraying into landscapes, abstracts, and cosmic depictions. All done in starkly different ways while keeping his individual and unique style intact.”

Subzwari is a Civil Engineer by training, and an artist by choice. While pursuing his profession, he painted and participated in art programmes. He was encouraged in his love of art by Gulgee, who awarded him a prize in an exhibition taking place in Karachi in 1978. Subzwari spent a year in Saudi Arabia, before going to the USA, where he took his Master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 1984.


The artist held his first solo exhibition at the Alliance Francaise in 2010, but his fascination for the `Whirling Dervishes’ began in 2011 when he visited Istanbul. There he witnessed the Whirling Dervishes in their homage to Maulana Rumi, and the aura of spirituality touched him deeply. He began to paint the Whirling Dervishes and captured the imagination of art enthusiasts. Subzwari began to show his work abroad in 2011, when he participated in two exhibitions held in Turkey.Returning to Pakistan, his work was shown in solo exhibitions to acclaim in Islamabad and in Karachi. From that time Subzwari has participated in group shows abroad and held solo exhibitions of his work in Dubai, and in Karachi.


Now showing his newest work for the first time at ArtKaam, the artist shows a collection of moods. There are the untitled contemporary abstractions, suggestions of landscapes, figurative pieces and suggestions of exploding skies. In densely worked paintings one discovers a solo dancer. There is a painting that takes the viewer to Venice, another through a wooded landscape following the trail of a blue river.  A visual adventure to enjoy.

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