The Stars that Shone at ‘The Battle’

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The most anticipated and sought after battle finally came to an end yesterday with a finale which was grander than grand. If you’re a 90s kid and you’ve watched the finalé, we can relate to the nostalgia, because apparently we’re in the same zone!

What began with top 8 bands, finally narrowed down to a very tough competition between Kashmir and Badnaam, and Kashmir won the battle. Coming to the grand finale, oh boy, it was a treat to watch that took us down the memory lane! The finalé started with the performance of a special guest judge, Ali Azmat, who reminded us how much we love watching him perform.



Shahi Hassan performed Na Mumkin, a tribute to Junaid Jamshed, expressing how lonely it has been without him. And honestly, who knew Shahi could sing so well?



Then came Meesha Shafi with her power-house vocals and insane energy levels!



We were then surprised to know that Josh band was performing, eeehhh! They took the stage with a storm with their Punjabi number Haseena Balliye.



Then came Aaroh, the winners of the first Pepsi Battle of the Bands which took place 15 years ago! Needless to say, they sounded as amazing as they did 15 years ago and who doesn’t remember falling in love with their song Na Kaho?



We were then awestruck by Atif Aslam’s performance where he mixed up the cult favourite Mahi Ve with a Kashmiri song and the results had us wow-ed!



AND THEN CAME THE REUNION OF THE YEAR, EP! Performing what they performed 15 years ago on the same stage, Hamesha, they gave us goose bumps, head banging, happy tears and tons of nostalgia. It was definitely one of the best performances of the night and we cannot thank EP enough for this reunion.



The finalé then entered its last phase with performances from the top 2 bands and it was almost emotional for us, watching these bands struggle, learn and grow. It definitely had us moving.

Watch Kashmir and Badnaam’s final performance:



Pepsi Battle of the Bands was a great initiative to bring back the band culture back and it has successfully achieved that. As an avid music fan, for us the journey was far more important than the destination. Doesn’t matter who won. This initiative has unearthed many bands and we cannot wait for season 3, but until then, we have Kashmir to soothe our ears!


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