How to Celebrate Valentine’s in a Long-Distance Relationship

Here are some tips and ideas on making sure the distance doesn’t stand between you and your significant other—or between you and a fun, meaningful Valentine’s Day!

Surprise them by visiting them in person

0-36-990x603If circumstances and your budget allow, surprise your partner by showing up unexpectedly.  And if you can’t, don’t fret; we’ve got ample of ideas for you!

Start planning pre-valentine


Planning pre-Valentine’s Day surprises can be fun and make the days leading up to it feel a little less lonely. Let’s be honest, when you’re surrounded by everything love-related pretty much everywhere you go, the loneliness tends to kick in since you’re not physically with the one you love.

Plan an e-date!


Just because you and your sweetheart are miles apart, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a romantic candlelight dinner. Just plan a virtual date, order your favourite food and just talk your heart out!

Get them something they’ll remember forever!


An experience like tickets to a concert or their favourite live show or sky diving, scuba diving together will create lasting memories you two can share for many years to come. This will also give them something to look forward to.

Plan a V-Day celebration a little off-season.


You don’t have to celebrate Valentine’s Day only on 14th February. If the next time you’ll see each other is in March, surprise him/her and plan a full out Valentine’s Day date for then instead. They really won’t see it coming and that’ll make it all the better.

Have their favourite food delivered to them


Punch in their address and surprise them by sending their go-to take-out order. Nothing says love like leftover Pad Thai.

Be the first person they hear in the morning and the last person they hear at night.


Get up a little early on V-Day and call your significant other first thing. If you’re used to saving your daily phone calls for nighttime, this will be a sweet little surprise to wake up to. After your busy day, fall asleep talking on the phone at night so it almost feels like you’re right there with them.

Go beyond the clichéd cute stuff

in-love-kids-toys-in-the-cartoon-box-vector-22414096It’s your day, and honestly no one knows your partner better than you. Instead of sending them teddies, chocolates and flowers, send them something they love, something they’d cherish, something thoughtful! Fill a box with a few of their favourite things, whether it’s sweets you can only get from a local shop by your place or a sweatshirt with your signature scent sprayed on it, little mementos will let them know you’re thinking of them.

Send them a love letter or love letters



Nothing beats a classic hand-written love letter to your loved one. It’s as personalized as you can get.  We live in a time where technology makes everything quick and easy. But nothing beats taking the time out to physically handwrite your feelings on paper. Its fun, surprising and a nice change of pace.

Fill envelopes with small gifts and sweet letters to cheer up your loved one based on how they’re feeling at that moment. Label each envelope with instructions of when to open them such as “when you’re missing me” and “when you’re feeling lonely.”

No matter how you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, forget about the distance, and enjoy what you do have. Express to your partner what he/she means to you, and love each other however possible. Like I said, it’s Valentine’s Day. Be as cheesy and romantic as you like!

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