13 Mistakes All Brides Make, But YOU WON’T!

Yes, we’re helping you slay your big day today! Keep reading to find out 13 mistakes that most brides make which you won’t be making, DUH!

You slouch when you sit


Sit confidently and do NOT slouch! You’re the queen of the night and we’re sure you’ll slay it!


You’re trying too hard to be different


Everyone’s trying to top one another. Everybody wants to be different, but nobody’s different. Somebody’s done what you’re doing. You need to focus on yourself to be different. Focus on your wedding party, your flowers, and the little details. Choose your own menu, choose details that represent you.


You fall victim to crash dieting


You’ve found the wedding dress of your dreams, but you order it two sizes too small, and then do whatever it takes to make it fit. Don’t fall for crash diets as they mess up your hormones and metabolism. Instead of drastically reducing calories a month before your wedding, adopt a healthier eating and exercise plan six months before the big day so you slowly achieve your target weight.


You compromise on the photography


If there’s something that’s going to last forever then it’s the photographs. Make sure you hire someone who is really good at it!


You don’t choose the right entrance song


Make sure to find yourself a great entrance song instead of relying on the DJ’s choice. No one wants to enter on mere saiyyan ji se aj meine break up kerliya… Check out our favourite picks here: Top 10 Entrance Songs For the Bride and the Groom!


You don’t get enough sleep


It’s your big day and the last thing you’d wanna look is tired, if you’re sleep deprived or fatigued, you won’t be able to enjoy the festivities. So get your beauty sleep, girl!


You forget to feed yourself on the big day


So many brides admit to forgoing a decent meal due to nerves, timing, or trying desperately to avoid ‘the bloat’ before getting into the dress. Have a good and filling breakfast like porridge and fruit or eggs and avocado and you won’t feel dizzy throughout the day. Also, have fresh juices throughout the day to fuel you with energy!


Leaving too much for the last minute


Try not to leave a lot of work for last minute. A month’s work can NOT be done at last minute, so be wary!


Not sticking to a realistic guest list


Inviting 500 people and expecting only 350 to show up? It’s not a good idea to assume that half the guests aren’t going to show up and vice versa. Stick to the actual guest list and arrange everything accordingly.


You decide to experiment with your skin regime


Bad, bad, bad idea. Stick to the skin regime that suits you to avoid any skin reactions or break outs, better be safe than sorry, right?


You haven’t practiced walking in your bridal dress and shoes


You think you know how to carry off heavy dresses, but trust us your wedding dress along with all the jewelry, dupatta setting and new heels is going to be exhausting. Make sure you practice walking in your bridal shoes and dress at least once before the wedding.


You don’t carry touch-up items with you


Don’t just think that once you’ve gotten your makeup done, it won’t need retouching. Always carry a blotting powder, a puff, eye lash glue (thanks rukhsati tears) and a lipstick with you just in case you need some retouching.


Blowing your budget


You came up with a number, did your research, revised the number, started planning—and now that number’s not going to cut it. Budgeting for a wedding can be the stuff of nightmares but hey, don’t stress about it. Instead, sit down with your parents and try to reach a constructive solution.

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