20 Things To Do This Month

Okay, so it’s June and you are exactly half way to the next year. Don’t stress yourself with those unaccomplished, totally forgotten New Year resolutions after the first week of January. Let’s delve into some fun activities you would love to do this month.

1. Catch a great new film

boy-watching-movieBig summer releases are coming this month, from superhero epics to highly anticipated sequels like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (June 6), badass women crime story Ocean’s 8 (June 7), nerve-shredding horror Hereditary (June 8) and The Incredibles 2 (June 15).


2. Keto diet

ketodiet-heroThe low carb, high fat Keto diet is the latest buzzword, make some room for that in your lifestyle. Avoid refined carbohydrates, grains, sugar and vegetables grown above the ground like potatoes, yams, broccoli and indulge in leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, avocado and berries, nuts and seeds, seafood, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, meat and poultry.


3. Celebrate the longest day of the year

WILTSHIRE, ENGLAND - JUNE 21: Revellers watch sunrise over Stonehenge during celebrations to mark the summer solstice at the prehistoric monument on June 21, 2014 in Wiltshire, England. An estimated 37,000 revellers and modern day druids gathered at Stonehenge, a tradition dating back thousands of years, to celebrate the solstice and watch the sunrise. (Photo by Rufus Cox/Getty Images)

Enjoy the sunshine during the summer solstice on June 21st. The sun will rise at 4.58 AM and not set until 7.21 PM. With kids’ summer vacations, it’s the best time to plan outdoor picnics or fun activities, plant flowers, run through a sprinkler, play tennis etc.


4. Try a new activity

Make use of the long summer days and indulge in some new activity this month. Sailing, horse riding, tarot card readings are some of the options we plan to dig and if time permits calligraphy lessons sounds like a plan.



5. Visit a museum/art gallery

537667f4226d2Plan a day to visit an art gallery or a museum near you. Become a tour guide and take your family or friends along too. Learn about the rich cultural heritage through the artefacts from the past. Mohatta Palace, PAF Museum, Frere Hall, National Museum of Pakistan, State Bank Museum & Art Gallery, Vision Art Gallery, and VM Art Gallery are some of the good spots to spend your time.


6. Lose your mind during the FIFA World Cup


It’s that time of the year again! Keep your expectations low and enjoy the game with no strings attached. FIFA fever is ready to take the world by storm from June 14th going all the way to July 15th.


7. Nature walk


Soothe your overstimulated mind by taking a walk enjoying the beauty of nature. Head to the nearest park, and refresh your spirit, smell fresh air with the fragrance of beautiful flowers around you.

8. Plant a tree


Trees contribute to their environment by providing oxygen and improving air quality. Be kind to the Mother Nature and do your part. Plant a tree that best suits local weather conditions, Neem, Peepal, Banyan are some of the great choices for Karachi weather.

9. Unwind yourself


You’re finally getting some time off from your chaotic work schedule so don’t forget to detox. Grab your favourite book or iPod, sip green tea and unwind yourself on the couch.



10. Try a new restaurant


Randomly pick a new restaurant to try out. Experience new cuisines, explore their unique culture, try the restaurant’s special, go with a different choice and skip your usual Tarragon Chicken Steak for a change.



11. Ditch a bad habit


Bad habits are caused by stress and boredom. Reprogram your brain to ditch a bad habit and replace them with good ones. A good idea is to write your habit on a piece of paper and list a few reasons it’s negative for you. Try to do away with at least one bad habit this month.


12. Exercise and physical fitness

exercise_bricrealestate_1Do you know, a recent study suggests exercising even just 2 days a week will help your heart, so what’s your excuse? Roll out that yoga mat and begin with some deep inhales and exhales and throw the toxins out of your system. Try running, swimming, join Pilates or Zumba lesson and if nothing flatters you, browse YouTube for some at-home workouts.


13. Buy a new fragrance


Fragrance is an invisible part of our personal style, choose the one that best reflects you. Same applies when looking for fragrance oils. Just a drop is enough to give you a roomful of sweet smelling scent.



14. Set out on a road trip


Reconnect with your squad and take a road trip to nowhere or go for an overnight expedition to the beautiful valleys of Baluchistan. Enjoy beautiful views, good music, cool breeze, non-stop chatter and create lasting memories you all will cherish forever.


15. Pamper yourself


Get a massage, take a nice haircut, buy yourself the prettiest flowers, eat your favourite ice cream cone or sundae, buy that beautiful bracelet you’ve been lusting after for months.




16. Channel your inner kid

maxresdefaultRediscover what you really enjoyed as a kid and channel some of that attitude into your adult life. Bring that inner childhood karaoke star out and sing at the top of your lungs, play outside, have water fights, play dress-up, go crazy with messy hairdos and makeup.


17. Visit NGOs/hospitals

53da2e1d1fe4cVolunteer your time and skills to help those in need. Visit children’s ward at the local hospital, donate some books and toys, help conducting play sessions, read them stories, play games, teach them some craft/skill etc.



18. Picnic at the beach

african-oceans-manor-beach-picnic-18Summer is the best time to hit the beach. Make sure to dab in a lot of sunblock, take an oversized hat, some light snacks, pack Frisbee, balls to play beach soccer or kickball. Spend a day splashing water, playing tic-tac-toe, building sand castles or just take a long stroll along the shore.



19. Plan a digital sabbatical


It’s time to connect with people in REAL! Have personal conversations, listen to people and try to connect with them, share a good laugh, trade some tips, offer gratitude and receive gratitude in return.



20. Lose at least 2 kgs


Make some healthy choices and plan to shed a couple of kilos this month. Watch what you are eating; curb the urge to binge eating. Swap that large packet of Doritos and chilled soda for a handful of nuts and detox drink. And remember, Diet Coke is a sham!

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