4 Things You Can Do To Wake Up More Energized in the Morning

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Being a morning person isn’t easy. Getting those extra five minutes of sleep seem oh so important in the morning, but just imagine, if you actually woke up feeling as fresh as you do after a good afternoon nap. You could be one of those people that you’ve always envied, by being 10 times more productive and efficient as you are now. And SHE is here to tell you exactly how you can be that person:

Start From the Night Before

Analyze your bed-time habits. Do you consume a lot of heavy food right before you go to bed? Are you taking in any amounts of caffeine or nicotine right before going to bed? Are you eating sugary or starchy snack-foods before you sleep?

You need to stop, because consuming any of these items even a couple of hours before sleeping can wreak havoc on your body. Heavy food keeps your body up all night digesting, which results in you feeling sluggish and tired in the morning. Caffeine, nicotine etc. are substances that alter your brain chemistry; they keep your mind awake which prevents it from getting the rest it needs.

Do Not Use The Snooze Button!

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The blaring of your alarm clock is the most dreadful sound you can hear early morning- so why would you subject yourself to the torture of hearing that sound multiple times? Hitting snooze allows you to sleep for a glorious few more minutes, but your brain already knows that your precious time in bed is coming to an end, which means your sleep isn’t restful! Because your sleep quality is effected, you end up feeling more tired than you would be if you would have woken up when your alarm first went off. So set your alarm for when you actually want to wake up – quit snoozing!

Get Hydrated


Drink a large glass of water before you have your morning coffee. Water replenishes your mind because it helps your body maintain a healthy flow of oxygen, which results in a more restful state of mind.

Get Your Music On!

Remember in movies and cartoons, when an upbeat perky character wakes up early morning, dancing in bed because their favourite song is set as their alarm bell? Yes, that is a tad bit unrealistic, but studies have shown listening to your favourite music releases a good dose of dopamine in your brain, which makes you feel happy! So make a morning playlist and have it play in the background as you get ready and have a good breakfast. It will help elevate your mood, trust us!

Being a morning person has incredible benefits, so there is no harm in trying out these tips to see if they work on you. The worst that can happen is you end up being more productive during your day! We call it a win-win!

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