Being the New Kid

mainAs my son starts a new school this year, I believe I am more apprehensive than him about settling into a new environment and making new relationships. First things first, I will try to make my child’s first day easier by getting organized and staying positive.

These 11 thoughts I believe will help my son or your child make a smooth transition to his or her new school. Below are a few things I have tried doing and some I will be undertaking in due time as school opens.

1. A team effort

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Amongst the whole of the school switching procedure, my child was an active part of the process. Though the entire preparation period, the entrance tests, interviews, and why choosing a particular school was important, he was involved in all discussions.

2. Accepting the fears


Embracing the anxieties is my way of dealing with what my son will actually feel at least for the first few days of the new school, and accepting that the transitions involves separating from deep friendships and bonds at previous school. I don’t want to make him apprehensive but I believe being aware and empathetic of his feelings will help me help him.

3. Keeping a positive focus 

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As the summer vacations pass and the first day draws near, I have started talking to my son about his expectations, hopes, and fears for the upcoming school year. I keep calm and collected so my apprehensions don’t rub off on him as he seems to be pretty composed as well. But I am going to talk to him about how my first few days in a new school went by when I went through a similar phase. Furthermore, I will reassure him that other new children will be having the same feelings and that he’s sure to have a great year. Present school is a place where he’ll learn new things and make new friends.

4. Encourage school involvement 


It is important to encourage participation in one or two activities that particularly interest my son. I believe he will be more likely to be engaged academically if he feels connected through a school activity or sport. I plan to find out what extra-curricular activities are offered by the school and try to talk to relevant people so my son can get involved soon.

5. Sleep Routine 


Though with my work schedule, my son hasn’t been completely lazy and has been following a routine, vacations mean late nights and lazy mornings. School means punctuality, and getting him up for school on the first day would be difficult. I intend to make this transition easier by starting his school-year sleep routine a week in advance.

6. Stocking up on supplies 


Before the first day of school, school supplies and materials should be sorted and bought. This includes text books, stationery, uniforms, back packs, snack boxes and water bottles etc.

7. Prep the night before 

To avoid the morning rush, organizing for the next day is important; laying out clothes and making sure snack supplies are available Everyone should hit bed early so we can wake up extra early and have plenty of time to calmly get ready and get out the door on time.

8. Get a healthy start 

Easter dsy bunny pancake breakfast

Whether or not a new school or a first day, encouraging to eat a good breakfast and pack a healthy snack to help him get through the day is vital.

9. Accompany the little one 

One of a series of First Day of School images, showing a young girl going through the emotions of getting on the bus for the first time.

I will accompany my son to school on his first day. I always do! Even if your elementary school child will be riding the bus regularly or will be dropped by your driver, you may want to take him yourself on the first day.

10. Introduce ourselves 


Young children are often shy with a new teacher. When I’ll take my child to school on the first day, I will go to the classroom and introduce my son to the teacher. I also plan to let the teacher know about special interests and challenges he has.

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