How not to have a basic Valentine’s Day

Are you going to celebrate this Valentine’s day the same way you’ve been celebrating it for the past few years? I mean you can, but you don’t have to… Here are a few ideas that aren’t as basic and the best part is we have ideas for all the relationships in your life!

For your partner

Go all hearty!


Heart shaped chocolates are the most clichéd things ever! How about a heart shaped pizza? Heart shaped nuggets? Heart shaped possibilities are endless, from salads to sandwiches; nothing screams love more than your favourite meal made with a twist!

Get practical gifts instead of romantic gifts


Jewellery is objectively really, really hard to shop for, and you *know* that no matter how many hints you drop, your partner will end up getting you a rhinestone-drenched cat ear headband. And you might get them a watch that they’d never wear because smartphones exist.



Avoid crowded places this Valentine’s by watching your favourite movie together, snuggled up with your sweetheart and your favourite comfort food or hey, even a pizza… so romantic!

Express yourself dot com


I mean, out of all days Valentine’s day is probably the best to express your feelings to your partner, everyone loves a little ego boost. So, don’t hold back from expressing your love for them, apologize for all the times you’ve hurt them or made them feel bad. If your relationship has been on a downhill lately, try sorting things out. FIX IT!


For your family

Take a trip down the memory lane


Oh dear, nothing screams LOVE more than looking back on good memories! Trim some clips from your videos and compile them in a big video, something funny you did as a kid, your parents’ wedding clip, your first birthday, the picnic that you really enjoyed, the people who aren’t in your life anymore… So much to cherish!

Eat together


Good foods maketh a great occasion. We’re all so busy in our lives that we hardly eat together, and by together I mean the entire family, without any phones or distractions. Pick a dish that everyone loves and prepare it with all your love, you don’t need an elaborate menu to celebrate the day.



You know everything your family does for you comes out of pure intentions, no matter how much you dislike your mom scolding you on cleaning your room or how much your dad stresses on getting good grades, it’s only for your good at the end of the day… Never miss the chance to appreciate their concerns and efforts.

Be a kid again


Remember how you and your siblings used to make a fort from all the possible cushions/pillows you could get your hands on? Re-live it, build a fort (maybe a bigger and better one this time), grab some snacks and watch an old favourite with your siblings!


For your BFFs

Spa date


You’re both busy in your own lives and have so much to catch up on, take a day off and take your BFF on a spa date for a magical experience! De-stressing while catching up with your BFF, sipping on your lavender tea, it’s a win-win situation!

Movie date


No need to glam up, get comfy in your favourite pair of pajamas and grab a lot of snacks to watch your favourite chic-flicks with your bestie… your BFF is that one person who won’t judge you on your weird movie choices, chances are she loves the same!

Shopping date


One BFF and so many date ideas! Head over to the mall and treat yourself to a gift and your BFF’s company; I mean we all love making fun of questionable pieces at the mall. And while you’re at it, get her something she’s planning to buy for herself.


For the community

Visit a nearby hospital or an old age home


Valentine’s Day can be a splendid opportunity for you to touch the life of someone else and see if you can help that person in some way. You can visit a nearby hospital or chronic care home to hand over small Valentine gifts to the patients admitted in there; especially those who do not have many visitors or have none to call of their own. Your presence will fill them with a sense of belonging to the community and provide them with some much needed emotional boost.

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