What Happens When Your Sister Is Getting Married

1. When you cannot believe that she’s actually getting married

1Yeah that’s true!

2. When you and your other sibling realize jaan chhutegi

2 Haye, dreams do come true!


3. When the wedding preps get you confused


4. When you start planning way ahead of time and still aren’t ready

4Umm, I thought we had 6 months left and NOT 6 weeks


5. When it hits you that your sister is actually leaving…


6. When you suddenly feel over-protective about her


7. When you’re her personal assistant 24/7

7Excuse me, miss, I have work to do too!

8. When you try to bond with your brother-in-law by telling him embarrassing stories of your sister

9HAHAHA, and then she fell really hard!

9. When you can’t stop day-dreaming about how you’ll doll up yourself

8Yeh bhi, yeh bhi aur yeh bhi pehnungi!

10. When you think the mehndi dance is going to turn out like this

10Darn son, that’s how you do it!

11. But it actually turns out to be like this

11Oh no!

12. When you see your sister looking fly and you can’t help but tear up

12Oh I’m not crying, something just went in my eye!

13. When you’re very sad but also very happy for your sister and her married life

13Ja Simran, jee lay apni zindagi!

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