Celebrity Siblings, We Are Totally In Love With!

Anwar Maqsood and Siblings

Siblings are like an extension of oneself, the phrase fits really well with the talented family of Anwar Maqsood. Humorist, scriptwriter, satirist and occasional actor, Anwar Maqsood belongs to a family of intellectuals. His sister, Fatima Surayya Bajia (late) was a well-known drama writer of Pakistan, his other sister Zehra Nigah, is a known poet, his brother, Ahmed Maqsood (late), was the former Chief Secretary of Sindh, and his other sister Zubaida Tariq (late), was a much loved cooking expert and chef. Together they have won numerous awards and laurels for the country.


Did you know?
Anwar Maqsood has a library of his own, his brother Ahmed Maqsood (late) had a collection of over 10,000 books.

Ali and Danyal Zafar

Musician and actor Ali Zafar, shares uncanny resemblance with his younger brother Danyal Zafar, but that’s not it, just like him, his brother too has a talent for music. Danyal put a mesmerizing guitar show in his first appearance at the Coke Studio Season 10 with older brother Ali. Danyal is expected to become the next big thing in the Pakistani music industry. Little hard to believe but there’s a 17-years age difference between the two brothers who are often referred to as twins, only that they are born few years apart!


Did you know?
Danyal has worked as a music director along with his brother Ali for action adventure film, Teefa in Trouble. Ali has donned the directorial cap for the first time with TiT.

Syra, Alishba and Palwasha Yousuf

Yousuf sisters hailed from a film-loving family of Peshawar. They had always been passionate about making their mark in electronic media. The oldest sister Alishba, tried her luck with the showbiz industry first, following her success Syra and Palwasha too joined the glamorous media world. Both the girls started their career as VJs for MTV Pakistan, and subsequently moved on to pursue their passion. Palwasha, works as a freelance fashion stylist and designer for films and TV commercials, while Syra is a successful film and TV actor, model and a host.  Srya and Alishba have worked together in the drama, Tanhaiyaan – Naye Silsilay, which was the reprise of playwright Haseena Moin’s yesteryear’s cult classic, Tanhaiyaan.


Did you know?
Alishba and Palwasha started their clothing line, Kaasni and decided to make Syra their muse, seem like talent runs in their family. In 2013, the girls lost their eldest sister, Ruqaiya, who was fighting the battle with cancer.

Sania Maskatiya and Umair Tabani

The sibling duo Sania and Umair, the brains behind Sania Maskatiya label is a force to reckon with. The talented brother and sister are armed with strong degrees, Sania has a major in textile from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and her stronghold Umair is a qualified chartered accountant. Sania is the creative head and her brother Umair handles the business and marketing side of the brand. While the designer is appreciated for her positive energy and can-do attitude; she on other hand firmly believes her brother is actually the backbone of the Sania Maskatiya enterprise.


Did you know?
Sania, was the first fashion designer to open a flagship store in Karachi in 2010 when high street retail was limited to a handful of brands; her success motivated others to follow in her footsteps. 8 years down the road we see many accomplished names following her suit.

Nazia and Zoheb Hassan

Pop sensation of the 80s, Nazia (late) and Zoheb Hassan ruled the music industry of Pakistan. They are considered as the pioneers of pop culture in the country and abroad. Born in Pakistan, studied in England, Hassans’ music was a combination of English and Hindi, something nobody had heard before. Nazia Hassan rose to instant fame with her disco genre song, Aap Jaisa Koi for the Bollywood movie Qurbani. She was 15 when she won the Filmfare Award for Best Playback Singer (Female) for the same song. They released their first album, Disco Deewane in 1981, which was a huge hit and featured on the charts of 14 countries worldwide. Together their career spanned over 25 years, and all throughout Hassans enjoyed huge success, not just in Pakistan and India but across Asia. The successful sibling duo had sold over 60 million records globally. Nazia lost her life to cancer in August, 2000.


Did you know?
It was Nazia and Zoheb who had been credited of hosting the first-ever, pop-music stage show, Music ‘89 in Pakistan. Nazia Hassan was often dubbed as the Queen of Pop in South Asia.

Bushra Ansari and sisters

Daughters of a famous writer, journalist and intellectual Ahmed Bashir, the talented sisters have definitely made their father proud. Bushra and her three sisters are as much part of media industry as the industry to itself. Their oldest sister Neelum Ahmed is a fiction writer and poet, she writes in Urdu and Punjabi. Bushra Ansari, Sumbal Shahid and Asma Abbas have made their mark on both television and big screen, out of them Bushra is the most popular, though comedy is her forte, she had often proved herself as a serious actress as well. Her name is considered synonymous with wit, comedy and laughter.


Did you know?
Just like Bushra, her sisters Asma and Sumbal are fond of singing too, they have done a couple of parody skits on popular singers in the past. Their sister Sumbal used to host a famous show, Golden Girls for Geo Television Network.

Masarrat Misbah and Nighat Misbah

MasarratMisbah, CEO of Depilex, and her sister Nighat Misbah, director of Depilex, are among the most respected names of beauty industry in Pakistan. Their father is a businessman and their mother is a social worker, philanthropist and a prominent personality of Karachi. Masarrat being the oldest amongst six sisters and two brothers, turned her passion for makeup into a successful business enterprise. Together with their efforts Depilex Group now hosts largest chains of salons in Pakistan. Taking after their mother’s philanthropist cause, the group started Depilex Smile Again Foundation in 2003, for acid attack victims by providing them medical care, psycho-social support and vocational training, so that they can start living their lives successfully.


Did you know?
Ace makeup artist Nighat Misbah, studied medical and has an MBBS degree, while Masarrat Misbah done master’s in her field. As kids, they used to dressed-up in their mother’s sarees and dupatta and record videos on film songs mimicking famous artists.

Karisma and Kareena Kapoor

Bollywood beauties Karisma and Kareena are the ultimate style icons of our time. They love to create statement with every move they make, whether it’s stepping out of the gym, attending parties or hanging out with bffs, Malaika and Amrita Arora. Kapoor gals share a very strong bond and have always stood by each other in testing times. Kareena, who quashed the norms of not working post-pregnancy, is currently basking on the huge success of her recent release, Veere Di Wedding. On other hand, Karisma, who created a stir in the 90s and early 2000s with her strong screen presence, now works on selective projects only. Karisma was briefly engaged with Abhishek Bachchan in 2002, they broke up after four-months.

Did you know?
Kapoor sisters belong to two different schools of thoughts on parenting. The older Kapoor feels kids should completely stay away from the watchful media eye, Kareena on other hand doesn’t mind her little munchkin Taimur being exposed to media all the time. Despite their difference of opinion both the sisters adore each other to bits.

Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal

Children of the famous director Stephen Gyllenhaal and screenwriter Naomi Foner, the Gyllenhaals were destined for the big screen. Both Jake and Maggie started their careers real young. The sibling duo went on to star as brother and sister in the much loved science-fiction drama, Donnie Darko in 2001. Following their mother’s footsteps, both Mag and Jake opted to attend Columbia University. However, they both picked non-acting majors; Maggie graduated with an English degree and focused her studies on Literature and Eastern Religion, while Jake who had his heart set on acting, left college after two-years of studying Eastern Religions and Philosophy.


Did you know?
Being actors, the Gyllenhaal siblings are no strangers to life-threatening situations in the movies, but do you know in 2006 they had actually survived a real-life danger while vacationing in the San Francisco Bay area, when their two-story wooden inn caught fire during a windstorm. The fire began when a tree fell in the back of the building, forcing them to flee to save their lives.

Ben and Casey Affleck

Oscar winners, Affleck siblings have conquered Hollywood with full glory; their journey to the top, however, was not the same. Ben, undoubtedly lady luck’s fave child became an overnight bankable superstar, Casey’s path to stardom was a longer one. Despite some parts of media trying to malign their relationship by positioning them as bitter rivals, the Afflecks’ bond however has always been rock solid, they supported one another throughout their careers, each celebrating the other’s triumphs and lending a shoulder during troubled times.


Did you know?
The Affleck brothers have made four movies together, including Ben’s feature-length directorial debut Gone Baby Gone. As per Ben, the director, “You have to treat Casey as you would treat any actor, which meant trying to swallow the urge to strangle him. But the thing that’s really rewarding is that my brother is a really, really good actor.”

Oliver and Kate Hudson  

Kate and Oliver, the insanely good-looking children of Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, were raised in Snowmass, Colorado by Hawn and her longtime boyfriend, actor Kurt Russell. With Hollywood glamour running in their genes, it was no surprise when they both followed their mother’s footsteps to stardom. Oliver is best known for his roles in the comedy, Rules of Engagement and the ABC drama series, Nashville. He also stars on Ryan Murphy’s new show Scream Queens. With Golden Globe under her belt and Oscar nomination to her credit, for the comedy drama, Almost Famous, the younger Hudson, Kate is far more accomplished actress than her brother. Kate also starred in movies like, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Bride Wars, and Something Borrowed. The busy actress and mother of two (and pregnant with the third), also owns Fabletics, a popular line of active wear, fitness and workout clothes for women.


Did you know?
Oliver nicknamed his younger sister as Hammerhead, because he believed Kate’s eyes were on the side of her head. They’ve kind of grown into where they’re supposed to be now.

Prince William and Prince Harry

The sons of Princess Diana (late) and Prince Charles have been in the spotlight since the day they were born. Both the brothers have shared a very strong bond throughout their lives. Prince William was the number one crush of young school girls in the 90s. Both the brothers have had their share of fun in the younger years, but later adopted a traditional lifestyle expected from Dukes. The ginger head Prince Harry wasn’t an academic champ as his older brother, but his prowess on the sports pitch was undeniable. The Royal Princes adored polo growing up and they still are huge fans of the game.


Did you know?
Though it may seem Harry might be a troublemaker as a child, but it was actually the other way round. When they were younger, William was the terror around the house. He was nicknamed, Billy the Basher, little Harry used to get bossed around by his big brother.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

There would hardly be any who hasn’t fallen in love with the adorable little baby Michelle, while watching American comedy, Full House. Their journey to stardom began when they were in diapers, just 6-months-old and from then onwards there’s no looking back. Mary-Kate and her 32-year-old fraternal twin Ashley are known for their high-end fashion line, The Row, which has won the CFDA Fashion Awards for Womenswear Designer of the Year twice. The Olsen twins have a net worth of $400 million, built through successful fashion and merchandising surrounding their fame as child actresses. At the age of 10, the child-stars turned fashion icons became the youngest self-made millionaires in the American history, impressive right?


Did you know?
Full House producers credited the twins as ‘Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen’ in early seasons of the television show. Apparently they didn’t want people knowing Michelle Tanner was played by twins.

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