Eid Gift Exchange Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

While nothing can beat the charm of collecting eidi in crisp envelopes, how about giving this tradition a little twist and turn it into a gift exchange time instead?

Exchanging gifts on Eid is a popular tradition among Muslim families settled in the west. Kids love it and consider it the perfect reward for their effort to fast. Plus who wouldn’t love receiving perfectly wrapped presents; it’s a lovely way to add something extra to your Eid celebration.

Now comes the difficult part, what should you get? Fret not, we’ve got you covered! Try our ideas to add cheer into your gift-giving and receiving and make the day a little extra-special.



You’ll always get a big nod of approval with accessories like jewellery, watches, perfumes, scarves and handbags. Look for dainty, modern, everyday jewellery in semi-precious stones. Leave the receipt with the box in case they want to get it exchanged. Hijab pins and brooches are a great choice for those who cover their heads, look for something unique, you can find good choices in stores and online.

Beauty Bundles


Nothing can win your fashionistas over better than self-indulging, luxurious, beauty goodies to pamper themselves after a long Eid day. There are endless options available depending on your budget and choice of the receiver. Body Shop, Bath & Body Works, bareMinerals, all offer great collections of body essentials, shower gels, lip balms, body oils and moisturizing lotions to make their skin ever-so-soft. And they won’t stop singing praises for your good choice.

Artwork and Home Accents


Know someone with great taste in home décor? Give them something special to hang on the wall – a customized painting or mixed media artwork. An abstract art piece, a gorgeous vase, digital tea coasters or an exclusive home accent are some of the thoughtful presents you can consider.

Bluetooth Tracker


Is your dad a bit forgetful about his phone, car keys, or wallet? Surprise him with a Bluetooth tracker and he will be your #1 fan for life. It’s handy, easy to use and provides good value for money. You can attach it with your personal belongings and connect to your phone using Bluetooth and trust us you’ll never have to turn the house upside down looking for lost articles again. It’s a must have!

Keychain Phone Charger


This gift has massive appeal and seriously who couldn’t use one? Keychain phone chargers are tiny, durable and functional. They fit onto your keys, can be recharged using a USB and will keep your charge going all day. A perfect gift for someone who’s always on the go.

Gift in a Jar


Fill a big, beautiful jar with handy collectibles for your Eid guests and allow them to take their pick. Pack the jar up with store-bought or homemade cookies, chocolates, gift cards, digital tasbeeh, nail colours, potpourri, instant coffee packets, a small notepad and pen. It’s inexpensive, easy to put, totally unique and it’s fun to see everyone admire each other’s gifts

Think Trendy


This is especially relevant for kids, teens and tweens. Check out the latest trends and see if you can give them a similar gift that presents an Islamic alternative for the young Muslims. Books are a good idea too in keeping to the theme. Reads such as How Big is Allah and How Does Allah Look from popular author and illustrator Emma Apple, Amira’s Totally Chocolate World by J. Samia Mair, My Eid Mubarak Storybook by Omer Naqi, Hassan and Aneesa Celebrate Eid by Yasmeen Rahim are some of the great choices.



When it comes to mothers, one should put in a little extra effort to please our first love. If your mom loves cooking, surprise her by giving her a perfect eco-friendly, non-stick cookware, roasting or grill pans. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron pot with Cover or an Enameled Cast Iron Lasagna Pan can be a lovely addition to her collection.

A Multi-tool

lm-squirt-es4__61456-1275865633Guys love gadgets. The ultimate gift for any guy on your list is either a multi-tool or Swiss Army Knife. These are perfect for the kitchen drawer, glove box, toolbox, tackle box, garage, etc. We can all use a multi-tool for quick repairs on the fly.

Board Game


There is not a better time for board games than the holidays when family members have more free time to hang out together. Surprise your cool bunch with trending games like Photosynthesis, Pandemic Legacy, One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Fallout. These games are ideal for gamers who don’t want to leave the screens, but can’t resist the charm of playing something familiar with everyone else. Trivia Board Games and Qwirkle from Mindware are some of the other all-time fave choices.

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