Top 10 Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram We Love To Snoop On

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When Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger first introduced Instagram to the world back in 2010, little did they know, in less than a decade, their photo-sharing platform would turn into a selfie-filled, multi-billion-dollar platform used by over 700 million users worldwide.

While Hollywood stars and sports personalities have more than their fair share of Instagram followers with Selena Gomez leading the game with 125m followers, followed by Ariana Grande 112m, Cristiano Ronaldo 109m, Beyonce 105m, Taylor Swift 102m to Kim Kardashian’s 102m followers (as seen on August 23, 2017).

But step aside Kardashians and Jenners with your high life and out of this world beauty regimen, grass is still greener from this side of the equator as well. We might not have celebrities with astounding social media presence like yours, but we still love to follow our Pakistani Insta players to know about their lives, catch up on celebrity gossips, get the latest fashion update, find out about all the hip and happenings places, travel ideas, spiritual guides and a lot more. Everything is now on Instagram, up close and personal!

1. Atif Aslam – @atifaslam 2.7m followers

Your one stop destination for all things Atif, the singer doesn’t shy away from sharing his selfies, performance pictures and random clicks with captivating captions.

2. Mawra Hocane – @mawrellous 2.2m followers

An avid Instagram user, Mawra takes us into her life with candid shots, lively selfies, brand endorsements, travel photos, award night appearances and casual hang outs with her famous sibling Urwa Farhan.

3. Ali Zafar – @ali_zafar 1.7m followers


A rock star in real life too, Ali doesn’t flood your feed with we-have-already-seen-this-many-times posts. He keeps his Instagram followers enthralled with stills from his music gigs, upcoming projects, childhood memories, random things that matters and funny yet witty thoughts.

4. Urwa Hocane – @urwatistic 1.5m followers

One of the most followed celebrity on Instagram, Urwa shares posts about her everyday life, her family, pet and stills from her upcoming projects.

5. Fawad Khan – @fawadkhan81 1.2m followers


A feed with only 72 posts, and every new post been awaited with bated breath, that’s the nation’s heartthrob Fawad Khan for you darlings!

6. Adnan Siddique – @adnansid1 163k followers


Talented actor and a now a movie star Adnan Siddique is the man of words – too many words. He is immensely famous for his straight from the heart posts and words that motivate his followers and wows them like anything. He loves to share his thoughts on family life, virtues, legends from the past, books that matters, his projects, and life as we see it.

7. Mahira Khan – @mahirahkhan 2m followers


Everything she touches turns to gold. The golden girl of Pakistan’s showbiz industry Mahira Khan lets us into her much publicized public life with the photo shoots from her national and international achievements, her life as a celebrity and as a person, her camaraderie with her makeup artists, travel photos and random clicks, just like a girl next door.

8. Osman Khalid Butt – @aclockworkobi 366k followers


The guy is a combination of wit and wisdom. He never shies away from sharing his thoughts and speaking his mind out – aloud. Instagrammers can’t help falling for his cute grin, raised eye brow and captions that are true to himself.

9. Azfar Rehman – @azfu328K followers


Azfar Rehman’s feed is full of candid shots and selfies with his colleagues. He loves goofing around during the drama shoots and enjoys sharing those casual moments with his followers.

10. Ayesha Omar – @ayesha.m.omar 1m followers

Our very own fashionista, Ayesha’s feed is more like her travel log; she keeps her followers engaged by sharing pictures while strolling the high streets of USA, U.K., Italy or wherever she goes. A foodie by nature, she often shares images of her latest cravings.

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