National songs that’ll bring out the true Pakistani in you!

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Is it even 14th August without national songs? While we agree no one can beat Vital Sign’s Dil Dil Pakistan, here are some fresh releases for the year 2017 to celebrate the 70th independence day of our beloved country. So go all green and leave the new and throwback music list to us!

Dil se Pakistan – Haroon

We’ve all grown up listening to Haroon’s Dil Se, guess what? Haroon has revamped it into an an even better version featuring Muniba Mazari, Javed Bashir and various artists. We love the fresh take on the song, do you?

Sabz Safaid Rang – Cornetto Pop Rock 2 featuring Asim Azhar

Performed by one of Pakistan’s youngest Pop-Rocker, Asim Azhar, the song is a breath of fresh air because it’s not as conventional. We absolutely love the beat, the video and lyrics!

Khayal Rakhna – Acapella version


One of our favorite national songs but in an acapella version featuring our favorite singers! Could you ask for more? The acapella rendition of Alamgir’s Khayal Rakhna is absolutely brilliant. What do you guys think?

Sohni Dharti – Coke Studio, Season 8

Just like Shehnaz Beghum’s original, Coke Studio’s rendition makes you crave for more and gives you a rush of mixed emotions and patriotism.

Aye Jawaan – Awaz

Remember how this song used to be the favorite of all school celebrations and performances on Independence Day? So many years and this song still gets us in the best mood!

Dil Na Lagay – Faakhir

Tere bina dil na lagay, Pakistan… No better words have been sung!

Dil Dil Pakistan – Vital Signs


This is one song that’s known to nearly every child and adult in the country and brings out one’s love for Pakistan. This song was listed as the third most popular in the world by BBC, and why wouldn’t it be?.

Jazba Junoon – Junoon

The rocking song of our nation that gets everyone’s head and hearts banging was sung by none other than our best rock band ever, Junoon.

Yeh Watan – Mehdi Hassan

No matter how many times you’ve heard it, it always rekindles the same feelings that it did the first time it was heard Mehdi Hassan’s voice holds the purest feelings, and you can almost taste the sweetness of this song.

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