Top 10 Iftar Deals That Are Finger Lickin’ Good

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While many would say Ramadan is the best time to shed that extra flab we have accumulated due to ignored exercise and fitness regime. But the foodie inside us has totally different plans. Also,what is life if you take the true love out of it – meaningless, no?

Restaurants are spending big chunks of money on their marketing budget to promote those ‘all you can eat’ divine deals, and who are we to reject such hard work!

We have made things easier for you and shortlisted top 10 places offering best iftar deals this year.

1. Nandos


Nandos is your place to go if you are die-hard chicken lover.  The place is offering mouth watering Ramadan deals for a group of 2, 4, 6 and 8 people starting as low as Rs. 750. What we like besides food here is restaurant’s thought on charity; Nandos is donating Rs. 50 to The Citizen’s Foundation for every sehri and iftar platter sold.

2. BBQ Tonight

Can you ever go wrong with BBQ Tonight? Everyone’s favourite BBQ place is offering some of the yummilicious treats for Rs. 1,650 plus tax. Their iftar menu also includes shahi tukray, jalebi, gulab jamuns to silence that sweet craving after breaking the fast. Besides wide array of selection from the main course, you definitely need to check their salad bar and drinks section.

3. Del Frio

If you want to try something other than the usual, Del Frio is your place. From appetizers, to salads, pastas, fish or desserts, the place literally has it all, only for Rs. 1195 + tax.

4. Aroma

Don’t want to spend over a thousand bucks on food, not a problem. Aroma is your go-to place if you want to enjoy food on a budget. Ideal spot to visit with friends, for just Rs. 470 (all inclusive tax) their iftar platter is good enough to fill you up.

5. Ginsoy

By the end of first ten days of Ramadan, everyone is kind of bored with oil dripping samosas and pakoray; why not have food that is light and healthy. Ginsoy is offering flat 30% on their complete menu, we say this is a quite an irresistible treat to all the Chinese food lovers.

6. Lals

Iftar at Lals is your thing to do if you want to have a long awaited one-on-one with your bestie. For Rs. 800+tax (per person) at DMC and Rs. 1,150+tax (per person) at their Khy-e-Shahbaz branch, their balanced menu is something you would love, besides having a good time catching up with each other.

7. The Deli


The Deli offers a menu you simply can’t resist, for Rs. 1,650 + tax they have it all covered. Their wood fire oven grilled pizzas, Vietnamese stir fry beef and dessert menu are some of our personal favourites.

8. Pi Social

A very happening place among youngsters; Pi Social is offering you two iftar buffet deals simultaneously. Either you can hang out with your friends and enjoy their all you can eat menu for Rs. 1,489 plus tax or you can enjoy full access pass to their board game lounge and food for Rs. 1,689 plus tax. Make a wise choice!

9. Hardees


We think nothing can beat our love for mouthwatering, big, juicy burgers. Hardees is offering two different deals this Ramadan for Rs. 950 and Rs. 1,450 all tax inclusive.

10. New York Coffee


New York Coffee with their assorted menu is offering all you can eat iftar buffet for Rs. 1,195 + tax. Hop in the car, take your friends, siblings along and go dutch, so nobody has to worry about getting an extra dent on their wallet.

Don’t forget to share your findings with us in the comments section below; if you think we have missed out on some great deals. When it comes to food, we believe in sky is the limit motto.


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