7 Things About Mahira that We Love

1. She’s fierce


Oh yes she is! She has always been fierce when it came to her work. Mahira, who started off as a VJ on MTV always had bigger plans. She always wanted to be an actor and well, look where she is now: dramas, movies and even bollywood, she’s conquered it all.

2. She speaks for all women


Mahira Khan is all about women empowerment. There hasn’t been any instance where she hasn’t stood up for women, be it Khadija Siddiqui or the #MeToo campaign. She has never held herself back from standing up to her beliefs. “Through the trials and tribulations, joys, ups and downs, mistakes we make, all the success we get, let nobody’s opinion define who you are. And if anybody defines who you are, let it be yourself. Because including me and all the women out there, we all are worth it.”

3. She doesn’t shy away from apologizing

When asked about the recent controversy with Ranbir Kapoor involved, Mahira was quick to admit her mistake and did not shy away from apologizing. ‘I understand where all the criticism came from and it didn’t come from a place of hate. I’m not talking about the trolls but those who were genuinely disappointed to see those pictures. It’s the same disappointment that my nani or my mamoo would have felt seeing that. So even now when I meet an older lady who says that she didn’t like the pictures, I’m quick to apologize.’

‘People ask me if I’m a good role model for my fans, and my response to that is yes, I am a role model but I’m not the perfect role model. I am human, I make mistakes. And I was really happy to see that there were so many people who stood up for me. It goes to show that the narrative in Pakistan is changing, and if nothing else, I’m happy to have been part of that narrative,’ she added. DOES THAT NOT MAKE YOU GO AWW?

4. She’s a great mum!

Apart from her demanding work, she has a very demanding man in her life, her son Azlan.’ I am constantly with Azlan while I am home. And while I was in India, Azlan was with his father or with my parents. It made things easier for me.’

But life isn’t easy, even if you’re Mahira Khan. She’s no longer with her husband — a topic that she is deliberately reticent about. ‘There are some topics that you want to keep private when you’re constantly in the public eye,’ she says carefully.

5. Her fashion sense is always on point!


We love Mahira Khan’s avatars while she promotes her films. But whenever we’ve caught her, she always impresses her with her fashion sense, traditional, edgy, chic, bold; she can effortlessly carry off absolutely anything! She believes anything that’s comfortable is style, be it jeans, gown or even pajamas!

6. Her latest project Verna


With her newly released film Verna , Mahira continues her approach of inspiring others through her art. Verna like previous Shoaib Mansoor films, highlights the untouched subjects of our society, especially harassment and misuse of power. ‘Verna’s purely the story of a woman who decides to make the men who have wronged her pay for what they have done,’ says Mahira. The lady has been speaking about rape and abuse, using all platforms, international and domestic to raise awareness and do her bit, as much as she can. More power to you, Mahira!

7. She herself is one of her biggest critiques


She’s easy going in general and mostly likes whatever she sees and appreciates hard work, but she is extremely critical of her own work and acting skills, ‘I like nearly everything I see, and then if I am critical, I can dislike everything I see. But mostly, I want to appreciate what I see; I mean I still see my previous work sometimes, and say Oh my God what have I done,’ revealed the actress. ‘I just want to do the best work wherever I go. It could be here in Pakistan or India or anywhere else,’ says Mahira.

That’s Mahira for you; passionate about what she does and utterly sincere with her opinions. She’s an absolute star who doesn’t feel the need to feign starry airs.


1. She shares an amazing bond with her mother

2. She loves her no makeup-makeup look

3. She was marked the most beautiful woman in Pakistan in the year of 2012.

4. Mahira has always been a example of woman empowerment with all her achievement, including being first Pakistani to join L’Orèal Paris’ illustrious roster of brand ambassadors.

5. Her first break was in Pakistani serial Neeyat where her performance was highly appreciated.

6. Mahira Khan will co-star alongside Fawad Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Humaima Malick in Bilal Lashari’s Maula Jatt.

7. Her movie Raees is one of the highest grossing movies this year.

8. She can sing really well

9. She won the International Icon & Best Dressed Award at the International Beirut Awards this year.

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