Celebrities express grief on Asma Jahangir’s sudden demise.

The sudden demise of Asma Jahangir left many in shock and a state of sadness. Condolences started pouring in as soon as the news was made public. Here is how our celebrities expressed their grief.

Nadia Jamil


Who was Asma Jahangir to me? An aunt, a mentor, a hero, a fighter for minorities,4 women’s rights, for human rights, for democracy. She stood up to extremists fearlessly, didn’t let negativity stop her tireless work 4 the oppressed Asma Jahangir was the bravest woman in Pakistan


Omar Waraich


Asma Jahangir was the bravest person I knew. She fearlessly stood up to dictators, thugs, misogynists. She was never daunted by the attacks that came her way. She never wavered from her principles. Her loss is incalculable.


Saima Mohsin

saima-mohsinSo very sad & shocked to hear we have lost Asma Jahangir Fearless fighter for justice for the poor, vulnerable & forsaken Always a source of inspiration, strength & knowledge A voice for women. A true citizen of Pakistan What will we do without you @Asma_Jahangir Gone to soon.


Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

sharmeen-obaidMy hero, the woman I always looked up to, the woman who inspired me- heart broken- can’t imagine how we will ever recover from this #AsmaJhangir #pakistan


M. Jibran Nasir


Even the worst critics/opponents of @Asma_Jahangir cant deny that they are indebted to her for guarding their freedoms & rights. She has helped shape all of our lives through her struggle for democracy and she’ll live on in our conscience. “Na hara hai ishq na dunia thaki hai…”


Javed Akhtar


Asma Jahangir, undoubtedly the bravest and the most resilient fighter for human rights who had the courage to face the wrath of the dictators and the fury of the fundamentalist Mulla has passed away. It is the loss of the whole Sub continent.


Osman Khalid Butt


Inna lillahi wa inna ileyhi raji’un. An irreplaceable loss – I wonder if we’ll ever see the likes of someone like you again, but I hope your storied life inspires countless. Asma ji, thank you for being fearless, always. Rest in power.


Mehreen Zahra Malik


I take A LOT of pride in the fact that #AsmaJahangir is a woman, that there isn’t ONE man in #Pakistan who is as undistractedly brave as she is — whether in fighting for the rights of women & marginalized communities or against the monopolistic death-grip on power of dictators.


Armeena Khan


A saviour of democracy and human rights passes away today” Anyone who values their freedom will understand what a massive loss it is that we have incurred today.


Ali Zafar


Shocking to hear about the passing of this brave woman. Her honesty and sincerity to her cause remains an inspiration for our generation. Was always so full of life. We will miss you ma’am. @Asma_Jahangir


Bilawal Bhutto Zardari


Devastated and heartbroken to hear of @Asma_Jahangir passing. Pakistan’s champion of human rights and democracy. My personal inspiration and mentor who had so much more to teach me. Pakistan produces the bravest women the world has ever seen. Asma was one of them.


Raza Ahmed Rumi


‘Speaking truth to power’ a phrase, we often use. #AsmaJahangir lived,practiced till her last breath. Questioned mullahs, military, judges, politicians, all the powerful;defended downtrodden. Faced threats & attacks. Was never afraid.What a hero. We have to contend with a void.


She was the best of us. This country needed her, and she kept answering the call, every time, come hell, high water, patriarchy, dirty politics or anything else they threw at her. Rest in Power, Asma Jehangir. Here’s a tweet from her:

asma-jahangirNo amount of pressure will deter me from representing women in distress It has been my life mission Till the last breath will stand by them

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