Failing to protect our children, yet again


Imagine being your chirpy 7 year old self, going to the tuition center, only to be found lifeless and violated after 5 days. Yes, that’s what happened to Zainab who had been living with her aunts in Kasur while her parents were in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Her body was recovered from a trash pile near Kashmir Chowk and according to the reports, the minor was strangled to death after being violated multiple times.

This isn’t the first time something like has happened in Kasur, ten incidents of minors’ rape and murders had been reported last year but the police failed to arrest a single suspect. These are the cases that were actually reported, think of the number of cases that have gone unreported.

The residents of Kasur are becoming increasingly worried and distressed due to incidents of kidnapping, rape and murder of minor girls, and are becoming reluctant to send their daughters to schools and tuition centers. And what are we doing as a nation? Technically, we should be asking the law enforcement agencies why is this still happening in Kasur? Why are such crimes not catered to? Why are such crimes swept under the carpet? But look at us, here we are, questioning why the child was left behind? Why the child was out alone? Sharing pictures? Playing politics over it? How long is this going to last? Perhaps it’s going to slip out of your mind the minute you move to a funny meme? A silly video? That’s how short our attention span is, a few more memes on your timeline and by the end of the day you’ll forget Zainab.

Enough of ‘condemnations’! Zainabs, Tayabbas and countless children who were violated and filmed deserve to be protected while they are alive! We don’t need condemnations, we need action, we need justice, and we want to see the barbaric culprits being sentenced to death. But for that we’ll need to speak up, not just on a status, not just for a day, not just for a week or a month. We need to keep speaking until justice is served.

By staying silent and throwing a blind eye to this, you’re only helping the criminal. Main stream media and the law enforcement need to take action on the waste of a human being who did this. A person who destroyed another life doesn’t need second chances.

Being an elder sister myself, I cannot even imagine that state of her parents and all the parents who have lost their children to such inhumane acts. Let’s ask for justice to prevent another minor from being butchered. We do not need another Zainab to remind us that we as a nation, have failed to protect our children.

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