Fouzia Aman’s Beauty Secrets


Tell us about your makeup evolution?
When I started modeling and getting makeup done for shoots and ramp, I learned quite a few make up techniques. Plus, my travels have taught me a lot about new trends. Make up should make you look pretty, not cakey. Unfortunately, this cakey makeup look is still prevalent around us.

The best beauty advice you can give.
Drink loads of water. It really helps. And go for a run every day.

What is your getting ready playlist?
“You don’t want my heart” by Charlie Puth and other latest numbers!

What has been your biggest beauty challenge?
None, really. I have always felt blessed and always been told that I am a ready made model.

What is your skin care ritual?
I eat a lot of fruit and drink lots of water. I make sure to cleanse my skin at night with olive oil and use a toner. It is super important to cleanse.

What are the products you can’t live without?
Mascara, blush, lip gloss and my cologne.

What is your signature day and evening look?
I don’t wear a lot of colours usually. For day time, I like to wear a white shirt with blue denim. For an evening out, I’d mostly wear black.


What is the craziest beauty experiment you have ever done?
Nothing outright crazy, though I keep on staying on top of trends and acquire them, so that it doesn’t become boring.

How do you fake a good eight hours of sleep?
Perhaps, with coffee and lots of water. But, if you are sleep deprived, it is really hard to fake it. So I try to get myself proper sleep before every work commitment.

Your off–duty look?
Totally casual and comfortable; no make up, tied hair, flats with comfortable clothing – mostly shalwar kurta.

What is your instant glow trick?
Being happy! Make up cannot hide the glow from within

Who is your beauty and fitness inspiration?
Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are perfect style, beauty and fitness icons.

What is that one beauty hack that works wonders for you?Cleansing face with lemon instantly makes it seem spotless. Cucumber slices or used teabags for eyes are also effective.


You are so utterly fit! Are you fitness fanatic?
I go for a run every day for half an hour. I don’t prefer training at gyms because I feel our muscles become lose once we need to take a break. I avoid junk/fast food, eat less roti and rice. I add more fruits and green tea to my diet and avoid sweets.

What is your plan for this year?
A few commercial are in the pipeline. There are many international shows coming up including Geneva and Oslo. My plan is also to venture into business this year.

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