Hira Tareen on Motherhood

‘We thought, why not have some more adorable people running around’

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Q. The first thing people do when they find out they’re pregnant is go online or buy a stack of baby books. What did you do?

A. The first thing I did was video called my husband(as he was in a different country at that time) to break the news to him. During the conversation, Ali was jumping with joy and I was overwhelmed with happiness and tears of joy.

Q. Did you enjoy being pregnant?

A. I am a very active person and it’s hard for me to just sit in one place, so even though I enjoyed all the attention and pampering at home, I just didn’t enjoy the physical limitations that came with being pregnant towards the last two months of pregnancy.

Q. You and Ali are an adorable couple and married for some time now. What made you guys decide to have a baby?

A. Ali and I like to just go with the flow rather than plan every single detail of life. Having a baby was something that happened naturally and we embraced it as we both were always very drawn towards children. Plus we thought, why not have some more adorable people running around. 😛


Q. What is it like being a mother? How has little Mahgul changed you?

A. Although it’s too soon to say how she has changed me, so far it’s been an unbelievable and magical experience. I just keep looking at her everyday, and I am so amazed that she is my daughter. I always had an immense amount of love and respect for my parents. But this experience really multiplies my appreciation for them and what all they had to go through to not only bring me into this world but to raise me.

Q. What’s the most fun part about having a child?

A. Dressing her up is so much fun. I feel like I’m going to get to relive my childhood again with her as she grows up in front of me.

Q. Is the lack of sleep affecting you?

A. Well again, it’s too soon to comment on how it’s affecting me, but the fact that I have time off from work at the moment, whatever sleep I lose during the night, I makeup for during the day. Plus, everyday is so different and exciting with her that I don’t feel like I’m sleep deprived just yet.

Q. Have you had to streamline your health and beauty routine during pregnancy?

A. I really looked at my pregnancy as a time for self love and care so that we could have a healthy and happy baby. So, although I stayed busy for the majority of my pregnancy with my drama shoots and other projects, I used the remaining time solely to take care of my health and beauty. I researched a lot online as to the best things to eat and also switched to a lot of organic alternatives for both my beauty and diet.

Q. You had a glowing and fit pregnancy. What helped you most?

A. Staying active and working till the 8th month of pregnancy really helped me keep a healthy physique and mindset.


Q. Your best maternity fashion tips?

1. Dark colors are a savior!

2. Wearing tops or dresses that are fitted on the sleeves, shoulders and above bust, but loose below the bust point i.e. swing dresses or anarkali style shirts.

3. Your husband’s loose button down shirts can be used instantly as maternity tops paired with tights.

4. Stick with cotton knit materials that are stretchy and adjustable to the frequent size changes.

5. In the first and second trimester you can wear long dark coloured waistcoats or vests on top of light coloured tops to vertically and visually give the illusion of a slimmer waistline.

6. Keep a few pairs of stretchy maternity tights which will take you through your entire pregnancy.

7. Don’t invest in any small or fitted closed toe shoes during pregnancy as your shoe size may increase two sizes due to swelling.

8. Stick with open toe flats.

htareen-babyBaby Mahgul

Q. You are an actor, designer, DJ and model in one, with so many ambitions and now motherhood, how do you plan to manage all?

A. Since life doesn’t really come with a manual, I plan to play by ear and see if I can successfully manage all the things I love to do. If there are any challenges, I am sure a little bit of prioritizing and multitasking will do the trick.

Q. What is next in the pipeline for you?

A. In the previous two years my main focus has been acting as well as running my clothing brand ICON. While I do plan on taking it easy for a few months and giving time to the new addition in the family, I look forward to more acting projects, getting ICON up and running again and possibly launching a youtube channel to share all my unique experiences and tips with my fans and followers.

What is ….

Your fast Beauty Secret: Drinking lots of Coconut water and using Rosehip Oil as a primer or moisturizer for my face

Your Go-To Mom Meal: Beef Filet Mignon Steak with boiled potatoes, broccoli and brown rice or a bowl of home-made Haleem.

In Your Diaper Bag: MarpacHushh For Baby Portable White Noise Sound Machine, Pampers diapers, Mustella diaper cream, Pampers baby wipes, baby-safe cotton balls, baby hair brush, Tommy Tipee Feeder and extra baby clothing like onesies, mittens, hats, socks, etc.

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