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wafa-ke-phoolbothPakistan does not lack lovers of visual arts or the artistic genius that caters to them. In every era, the culture has produced, encouraged and nurtured some of the most creative minds and given the world the gift of meaningful, aesthetic beauty. Some say that the most prolific of times are the eras of the stalwarts Sadequain, Abdur Rahman Chughtai, Ismail Gulgee, Abdul Hayee, Jamil Naqsh and contemporaries, while many believe that the modern day art of young, rising talented minds has just as much appeal. Conclusively, it is safe to say that art has been a constant; an inseparable part of our culture and identity and there is no dearth of artistic creativity in our land. What it has not found is sufficient global exposure to give it the credit it deserves.


To bring the vibrancy of the Pakistani art scene and culture to the fore, renowned artist and TV director, Faran Qureshi launched his brainchild Art TV Pakistan; a website that serves as an art channel and is Pakistan’s first online video portal exclusively for the creative, visual and fine arts community. Art TV is a platform that brings the art and the artists together, a league or a club where one can learn and marvel at not just the painting, but also the mind, soul and personality of the artist producing the painting. At Art TV, one can find the biggest artists, galleries and shows in Pakistan and experience it all first-hand with their high quality original content.

Striving to highlight stories that move the Pakistani art community, Art TV aims to show the world that despite living under shadows of social, technological, religious and security upheaval, Pakistan is a hot bed of creative thought and its expression – a side rarely featured by traditional media outlets.


Founder Faran Qureshi, himself an artist who has exhibited in Pakistan and around the world, always wanted to start a channel that promoted art in Pakistan. He says, “It has always been my dream to start a channel dedicated singularly to the promotion of art in Pakistan and social media seemed like the best medium to convey our message to the world. With this kind of global outreach, foreign art enthusiasts from around the world have reached out saying Art TV keeps them updated about the art scene in Pakistan. My vision is for Art TV Pakistan to one day be on satellite.”

truck-art-10Documented on ART TV are some of the biggest names of Pakistani art industry. Started in March 2017, Art TV has more than 400 HD Quality, original art video content on their website. “Our team works tirelessly, round the clock, producing content almost on a daily basis. As you will see on our platform, we document all senior artists in detail and young talent as well. We documented Anwer Masqsood, not as a media person but an artist, and for the first time in his life he spoke about his art career from scratch. Marjorie Hussain who has written on art her entire life, chronicled her own life journey which is exclusively available on our website. Art critic Pirzada Salman has been documented in this way for the first time too. Saeed Akhtar, Shakeel Siddiqui, Riffat Alvi, Naheed Raza, Wahab Jafer, Rabia Zuberi, Hajra Mansoor, Mansoor Rahi, Quddus Mirza, Zohra Hussain, Feica, Farrukh Shahab, Jabbar Gull, Amin Gulgee etc all have been chronicled the same way. We were official media partners with the first Karachi Biennale and you can find video documentation about the event only on our platform. We also feature an art discussion show Heart To Art where we invite artists to explain the thought and ideas behind their work. The show is hosted by Danish Ahmed who is also a senior painter and art educator.”

truck-art-55The platform gives expression to artists and has met with a lot of positivity and success. “The community of artists is very happy with Art TV Pakistan. Since the art scene in Pakistan is flourishing and the younger generation is coming to own it, we are collaborating with many local and international organizations to highlight and promote Pakistani art and are focused on producing workshops, talk shows, art competition shows, documentaries and much more for the coming future.”


Art TV Pakistan is the perfect ode to the art industry which has come to fruition after much struggle and is the product of Faran Qureshi and his team’s lifelong career learnings. Art TV Pakistan’s content can be found on its Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo channels, and predominantly on its website www.arttvpakistan.tv.

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