Model Behaviour

Model Amna Ilyas – forthright with an unapologetic attitude, opens up about her younger years, bashes social media trolls and how she puts in effort to stay fit.
Check out the Amna on the cover shoot of May ’18 issue for Depilex here:

Chic or Chique: The real meaning behind fashion’s biggest cliché

The French have a way with qualities they cannot really describe. “Je ne sais quoi”, which literally means “I don’t know what”, a phrase established by the French for indescribable potential. And the fashion world went with it. It is chic. Chic is derived from a French term “Chique”. Chic is when something is in vogue, when something is indescribable and overwhelmingly great.

Attend a fashion show or eavesdrop at one, open a magazine or visit a website that deals with à la mode, and it is a given that you will come across this one specific term: chic. I have heard fashion editors gasping the word chic while admiring each other’s work. There is usually a reply to it, which is: chic or trés-chic (very stylish) if you are in Europe.

Now that we have understood the term, let’s move on to the next step, which involves defining various types of chic.

Lana Del Rey: Get Her Look

Songstress Lana Del Rey has become a style icon for many women across the world, with her signature “Gangster Nancy Sinatra” style, which combines all the glamour and allure of old-world Hollywood glamour, with new age hip-hop trends cumulating in an overall look that is breathtaking. So we decided who better to emulate our own style on than Lana?